3 Theater Festivals for Dramatic Art Lovers

3 Theater Festivals for Dramatic Art Lovers

Summer is the best time to enjoy a good route through the theater festivals held in Spain

  • Cinema, dance, music, and theater are the protagonists of many of the summer activities that are programmed in cities and towns.
  • If you are going to study Dramatic Art or you are in it, these theater festivals are a source of inspiration for your career.
  • Most of these theater festivals are nourished by the projects that Dramatic Arts schools and students develop, so inquire about the options offered by your educational center.

The off-screenings of these important theater festivals are a good place to put into practice everything you have worked on in your Dramatic Art career.

All these theater festivals are a reference in Spain and open calls to complete their programming with innovative works and projects of young promises.

3 Theater Festivals for Dramatic Art Lovers

Sagunt a Scene

It takes place from July to September and this year celebrates its 25th edition.

The Roman Theater of Sagunto is the emblematic place where this theater festival takes place, which also includes shows of dance, music and other arts.

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The official program is complemented by free summer activities that run in the streets and squares of Sagunto. Circus shows, magic, acrobatics, street theater, puppets … are some of the activities that try to highlight the performing arts and bring them closer to the general public of all ages.

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Theater Festivals of Merida

From June 29 to August 26, it celebrates its 64th edition and continues to demonstrate the good acceptance of the theater festivals and summer activities that aim to spread the value of the arts.

The Roman Theater of the city is the protagonist of this event year after year and focuses on the adaptation of classical plays, where dance and drama are mixed to renew these classics and identify them with current times.

In this edition, the theater festival began with the premiere of Electra’s classic, interpreted by the National Ballet of Spain.

3 Theater Festivals for Dramatic Art Lovers

The Almagro Festival

It is another of the international festivals of classical theater and that makes an entire city infected by the magic of the performing arts.

The festival dates back to the Spanish Golden Age, making it the best occasion to learn about the history of theater in Spain and move to the corrals where theater plays are held in the 16th century.

In Almagro dramatists, set designers, artists and producers from all over the world come together and try to innovate with other theatrical forms, varied artistic disciplines in order to spread the cultural heritage that we possess.

You know, organize your summer days and take advantage of the theater festivals that will make you enjoy and get to know the world of the arts even better.

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