Gigaset launches new cordless home phone, the A250, presuming autonomy


It may seem an anachronism at this stage of life but the phones of life still exist. Yes, we talk about those we have at home associated with a fixed number (in many houses still exists although fixed younger do not believe it) and that despite the push of mobile telephony still resists with interesting products .

This is the case in question, the Gigaset A250, a cordless phone that boasts a great autonomy so that we can forget having near the base for charging. An example of how fixed telephony is still present and provide the user evolves to higher functions.

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A level design is not much to write, because this Gigaset A250 offers an austere image of compact phone with a 1.4 inch screen that is integrated into a body with curved shapes. Inside it offers a memory with a capacity of up to 80 numbers or contacts. And if we have a duo system we are able to transfer calendar entries between terminals.

The Gigaset A250 features an integrated and use it as a speakerphone and lets you select the tone volume to five levels. It also has a feature that makes use of the screen to identify the call via a blink.

Features Gigaset A250

Brand Gigaset
Model Gigaset A250
Screen Dimension 1.4 inches
Battery Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH)
Connector Type DC-in jack
Autonomy 18 hours talk time
Dimensions 4.7 x 3.1 x 15.1 centimeters
Weight 104 grams
Characteristics Capacity address list: 80 entries, Volume Control, Low battery indication, display battery charged, Intercom, Handsfree, ECO, built-in screen, Conference call capability, Clock / Date display, Navigation key, type Mode mounting: Desk, Backlit display

As for their latest features worth noting the possibility of dialing on – hook with which to facilitate the use of hands – free function and by using the charging base will be able to dial the phone connected to the base . With regard to the agenda includes a list of the last 25 missed calls and can make calls to the last ten numbers that we talked about.

But the most important fact of this Gigaset A250 is the one that refers to the autonomy presents. This model has a duration of up to 18 hours talk time and 200 hours standby allowing us forget to use the base load for a while.

In addition to large floors no problem in use, because the coverage is up to 50 meters indoors and 300 outdoors. Among the technologies that incorporates technology it highlights Eco Dect offering energy savings in domestic consumption up to 60%. She is added functions Eco and Eco Plus , allowing lower transmission power up to 80% and 100% respectively.

Price and Availability

The phone is affordable and that is something that can be seen with just see the price, because the Gigaset A250 will hit stores in black and priced at 27 dollars.

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