A healthier back practicing Nordic walk or Nordic walking

Back practice

This time we want to go a step further and delve into an aspect that many insurance or has happened to us over the head. It is the benefits it will bring us practice Nordic walk when getting a healthier back.

Surely much we do not know for sure what this type of walk. Others will know something close, but what we want to do this time is to delve deeper into this method of walking that is characterized by the use of canes to be footholds way to move when walking down any natural terrain. Basically that is the quality of this sport that many people already practice.

Back practice
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Physical exercise as one of the best ways to prevent back pain

First of all it must be remembered that back pain appear multiple causes. Anyway, the exercise is one of the best ways to prevent its occurrence. Not only because it will improve muscle tone, but also mobility allows the muscles are much more agile and flexible. This is the principle of this mode of walking, and that its implementation will help us keep active throughout the body in full.

Rotational movement of the back

One of its main benefits is the rotational movement we do with the back, which will affect the column. This movement is based primarily on the use of canes as a fulcrum. That force us to take the remains back throughout the exercise and avoid any unnecessary burden in this part. Specifically this torque is produced by the movement generated by each arm, thus being a force coming from one side and an opposite coming from the other; it ends up being a movement that has no impact on the column. Only help us to improve the mobility of it without more, because we will never at risk.

Joint benefits

The Nordic walk has a number of benefits. A joint level, as we have seen, there is a real movement, both at the bottom and at the top because of the use of walking sticks. By putting to work all the body’s natural lubrication of joints is higher, thus we avoid harm them. Also, we avoid rigidity appear in the inter vertebral discs.

Improvements ligaments and muscles

We must also mention the work that we will develop a ligaments and muscular level. Muscles will result in increased activity that will help us gain strength and elasticity thereof. Muscular endurance will be much greater and especially the support and back support will improve considerably. As ligaments, achieve, we will keep moving and more elastic. Besides getting a better awareness of our position, making it much more correct and healthy. All this will help us avoid injuries and damages that may arise from lack of mobility and activity.

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