4 simple tips to make your healthier diet


Although we know that the ideal is to follow a healthy and balanced diet, the reality is that many people only think of the word “diet” and imagine starving and suffering … something they are not willing to spend .. .

But what if we go slowly and begin to know some key to achieve this ? It can be as easy as start following these 4 simple tips to make your healthier diet, some basic tips that will help us know how to eat properly without first throw of the dreaded diet.

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4 fundamental guidelines in your day to day

  • Learn how to choose the essential nutrients: your body needs an adequate supply of all nutrients and electing to know your dishes will be critical. Includes carbohydrates in appropriate grain and opts for the multitude of alternative food we have rather than resign yourself to the monotony: Quinoa, couscous, millet, etc …

Similarly, it minimizes the intake of trans fats (pastries, fried foods, cakes …), changing them by taking foods that contain healthy fats such as nuts, oily fish that provide us Omega3, avocado or olive oil.

As for proteins, provides essential nutrition in general and in the life of the athlete in particular, do not forget to meet your protein daily need (it will depend on the lifestyle of each person and personal factors), and They must not miss the dishes of meat and fish.

  • Do not forget fiber and vitamins: any balanced diet should have a good daily intake of fiber and vitamins. Incorporated into your diet whole grain products, either breakfast or meals as well as fruits and vegetables; and recalls that the variety of tones of food shows much more than it seems, being indicative of abalanced diet for its variety of colors.
  • Restrict salt intake: an excess of salt in foods can only propiciarnos problems in our blood pressure. it is important to follow some guidelines to reduce our consumption and thus avoid not fall, as studies indicate, the excess calories that entails.
  • Hydration is essential : and the best drink to get is definitely water. Maintain good hydration every day, not just when you exercise, and try to avoid drinking soft drinks or commercial juices that contain huge amounts of added sugars

There will always be healthier drink fruit juice, for example, regular soda, but we’ve already spoken on many occasions of the true nutritional reality that hide juices that are sold as “supernatural”, so that may be an occasional drink but never a substitute for optimal beverage for hydration: water that even is associated with better nutritional quality.

A perfect tip to include on the list

I know you have said that would be four tips for achieving a more balanced and healthy diet, especially for those cases that consider a diet “first” can be hell … but we will add other extra of gift!

The truth is that the diet that we carry represents much of the life that we will take, but if we really want to rethink the beginning of a new lifestyle, exercise, albeit slowly, should start to join our habits.

In fact, I would say to the laziest (fondly), everything is starting and I’m sure that once you begin to take care of your diet with these simple tips will exercise today … shot!

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