Go Insta, this is how Instagram would be testing a new feature live video

Go insta

That videos are one of the strongest bets Facebook is a well known fact that numerous articles published throughout this year have been charged with evidence; a context in which some of those recorded from 360 degrees to other broadcast live. It was no wonder then that Zuckerberg take the latter initiative to another of its platforms: Instagram.

At least so says the specializing T Journal, which has announced that the social network would be testing this new feature would allow users to share some of their videos in real time and that would have named Calls Go . A sort of experiment have shared some screenshots and details of which we will then.

Go insta
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How is Go Urges

In this way and although the company in question has not yet ruled on the matter ( willupdate this article when it does), it appears that certain common application have reported this new incursion which, incidentally, would be part of Stories , fresh It launched a few weeks ago.

As for its operation and although many questions still do not know about it , it seems that the feature is activated by pressing a button large with the name of Go Insta. In doing so, he immediately displayed to users to relay a video direct a small sign on the top page of your page with the indication “live”, to indicate that they are broadcasting.

Moreover and according to this medium, it seems that the videos are stored in Instagram, but also could the same thing happen with Stories and disappear within 24 hours, the purest Snapchat style. In any case, we must still wait to learn more.

Most likely the absence of official information, this feature is not too late to be extended to other users in other parts of the globe. In fact, it would be quite logical move by the multinational, especially if we consider, as we noted at the beginning of this post, which Facebook introduced this type of retransmissions (Facebook Live) a few months ago and, since then, no he has ceased to bet on them.

In fact, it was this Tuesday when the company announced that it will allow page administrators can schedule their direct emissions, even with a week in advance. Something that will allow you to tell your audience, providing additional advance information and other advantages that can already assume.

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