Free email to manage your business, but you look it is not a good idea


For many people, freelancers and small businesses, email does not cease to be a contact form almost obligatory, something they use because everyone does it and you have to have this channel. They can use the phone much in their daily lives, but the truth is that eventually end up giving your email to most of its customers, suppliers, etc. So while it may seem, use a free email for the company is not a good idea.

Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail before and now are the most popular choices. You start using the same mail we already used for personal use. In the best case scenario has opened another account with the business name or company, because it is a way to keep the mail as we know it, the same way that management has so far worked for us.

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The first thing to consider is that for we know not is a bad image. Seems to have assembled the company in any way and the same can be solvent to close tomorrow, there seems to be nothing serious behind, at least with respect to mail.

What moves to the person you give the mail for the first time is that we are not even able to invest a minimum of 4$ per month plus the cost of the domain can have a Google Apps account or $3.40 in the case of Microsoft Exchange Online email. To this should be added the cost of the domain, but certainly not exceed the spending we do in cafes throughout the month.

Sometimes what you want is to have the interface of Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo, your search engine or extra apps like GDocs or Word Online we can use, mobile apps of these mail services that are usually very good or leverage powerful spam filters that use, which can be of great help to not waste time with spam. However, this means that we are also under its rules, and if tomorrow Yahoo or Google decide to change their standards little we can do.

There are even cheaper options, since in many cases the own service provider domain typically includes a mail service with limited space mailbox, so many companies are still using such programs Outlook to download the mail locally and manage it. It is a good choice for use thereof in place, but it loses some effectiveness if we do mobility, something more common today.

That is why it is increasingly incomprehensible keep watching free email accounts used by freelancers and companies. Of course, I when I see already that do not pay much attention to this channel, and in any case prefer to call send an email.

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