Top sustainable knitwear brands to know

Great knitwear is dependent on who you ask; some might say it’s the colour and design, others may prefer the texture and other tangible aspects. But in recent years, more and more people are turning to sustainable brands, staying mindful of their individual carbon footprint, as well as that of the brand they’re using.

Of course, wool is probably the best example of renewable and sustainable knitwear , but there are plenty of brands that recycle, upcycle, and utilise unique blends of materials to keep them strong and long-lasting. To help you choose, we’ve made this article highlighting the best sustainable knitwear brands.

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Le Pull

An option for those seeking to flex their creative muscles, Le Pull offers you the blueprints for sustainable knitwear, allowing you to knit your own clothing. These designs are vibrant and unique, giving you the chance to make a stylish and sustainable outfit of your own.

Blake London

On the other end of the spectrum, Blake London offers classic, elegant knitwear, sourced ethically from Scottish wool and Peruvian Alpaca. These materials are designed to last, providing comfort and style for years to come, with their ethically sourced material unlikely to go away anytime soon.

Wool Couture

With an emphasis on artistry in knitting, Wool Couture specialises in colour and comfort, offering DK Yarn (double knit) to create knitwear that’s delicate on the skin and the eyes, with options illustrated in the DK Yarn range. With locally and ethically resourced products, Wool Couture provides a beautiful blend of merino and acrylic wool, one designed to be comfortable in any season, and to last for many seasons.

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Another brand that opts for the understated approach, with their emphasis on the quality and texture of their yarn, Ound combines elements of Uruguayan and Scottish knitwear with natural vegetable pigments and upcycled material.

Maiami Berlin

For those with a preference for eye-catching colour and designs, this German brand emphasises its unique colour combinations and alternative styling choices, with loose, breathable designs. Though they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, their products are another staple in sustainability.

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