The most watched UK sporting moments

The creation of streaming services has made it harder to record how many people have actually watched a sporting event.  In the past devices were used to record an amount of people watching the program and this was then extrapolated to calculate how many actually watched it.  With the introduction of systems that allow you to watch live on the internet or later and even pause the action  accurately on the day, figures are difficult.  With this in mind we can see that the top five sporting events usually occurred in the past.  then as with now you would need a TV aerial repair Bristol based company like aerial-installations-bristol to make sure you got a decent signal to see it.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly the most watched sporting event in UK television history is the 1966 World Cup Final between England and West Germany.  England won the game 4-2 with a Geoff Hurst hat trick.  What was even more impressive is that 32.3 million people watched it.  This means that over half the population was watching a television set for 90 minutes.

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Second biggest figure falls to the European Cup final between England and Italy in 2021. 29 million watched this but the population had increased considerably since 1966. The third may come as something of a surprise.  It is the FA Cup final replay between Chelsea and Leeds in 1970.  This garnered the same amount as the European Cup final did.  The only other sporting event that isn’t football to come close is the 2012 Olympic closing ceremony

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