Where is Game of Thrones filmed?

Have you ever wondered where the stunning locations of the prestigious tv series Game of Thrones were filmed? Europe and Northern Ireland were the locations for much of the epic, sweeping scenery. Iceland was used for the frozen north, while Spain and Croatia served as the backdrop for the south. The majority of the Iron Throne scenes were shot in Northern Ireland. You’ll find it hard to believe the locations are so near you that you can visit many of them.

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Castle Ward, a property owned by the National Trust, is the main attraction. It is not a castle anymore, but a stately house. Once a castle, it guarded the entrance to Stangford Lough. It was still enough to build Winterfell, home of the Starks. The ruins of the fortress were transformed with wood, fake snow and copious amounts of mud and straw.

Northern Ireland’s landscape is a chameleon-like backdrop for the action in the series, often filmed with the use of drones. For more on Drone Filming, visit www.skypower.co.uk/drone-services/fpv-drone-filming/ With its rugged coasts, rolling plains, and the Morne Mountains. It is quite amazing that such a small nation as Northern Ireland has so many scenes. It is a multi-faceted character and has many roles to play.

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The beaches of Dorne are the pristine yellow sands of Portstewart Strand. The production benefits from tax incentives provided by the Northern Ireland Executive. The Titanic soundstage, which was built at the site of old Whitestar Shipyards in Belfast, is used to produce most of the interior shots.



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