How to Achieve a Cheap Trip

How to Achieve a Cheap Trip

We all need to know how to achieve a cheap trip and here I give you 10 tips to achieve it. By making smart decisions and planning ahead, we can enjoy and relax with our family for a reasonable price.

01. Consider what kind of vacation you want to spend and concentrate your resources on that.

I, like you, enjoy a good hotel, and the more stars the better. However, if I want to have a vacation to know a certain city, staying at an expensive hotel will not make much sense since I will only use it to spend the night. By saving in a hotel, you can have more resources to visit museums and attractions.

If I want to have a relaxing vacation and spend most of my time in the hotel pool sunbathing, then investing in a hotel makes sense, because when hotels charge more they can afford luxury facilities, bigger pools, and friendly decoration.

02. Plan ahead.

If you buy your flight or book your hotel months in advance, you will have access to the best rates. When companies advertise their promotions have a certain number of quotas and after they are finished, prices rise considerably.How to Achieve a Cheap Trip

03. Save on transportation.

One of the big expenses we make when traveling is transportation. Consider looking for a destination near your home or that you can reach by car. If the distance does not allow you to avoid the plane ticket, look for tickets on days of the week as these regularly have lower prices than weekends. At the time of the search, be sure to visit websites that compare rates on different airlines: for example, Fare compares Kayak and Priceline

04. Travel in low season.

Airlines, hotels and tourist attractions decrease their prices in low season. If your children still do not go to school this may be your biggest savings, since the discounts in these times are considerable. Also, if you visit attractions you will save the long waits and crowds in high seasons.

05. Ask in your work if they have an agreement for travelers.

Regularly companies that send workers to other cities and countries have agreements with airlines and hotels, which mean a preferential rate.How to Achieve a Cheap Trip

In certain cases, these discounts are exclusive for workers in business trips, but there are others in which hotels or airlines allow those who travel for pleasure can also use these discounts.

06. Board points.

Most hotels and airlines have programs for frequent passengers, and even if your trips are not very close, there are different options to accumulate points and then on your future trip have a preferential rate. Did you know that filling your car with gas, buying in certain stores, eating in certain restaurants and leasing certain cars allowed you to collect points? Join the frequent passenger program of your favorite airline and find out what other businesses are associated with for the benefit of their customers.

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07. Find a hotel or aparthotel that has a kitchen included in the room.

Tasting the specialties of the destinations we visit is definitely one of the best travel experiences, but do we need to eat all the meals in restaurants? A room with a kitchen will allow you to save on breakfast (if it is not included in the rate) and many times in lunch. Prepare simple sandwiches to eat while taking a break during the day and save the money saved for a family dinner with typical food, when the day is over.

08. Buy weekly or daily tickets for public transport.

If you travel to a large city, you will probably use the public transport system a lot. Find out if the destination city offers daily or weekly tickets that will allow you to use transportation within it without limit for a fixed price.How to Achieve a Cheap Trip

09. Visit the tourist office.

Tourist offices, in addition to offering information and maps very useful when traveling, have discount coupons to promote certain attractions. 2 dollars discount for a play or 3 dollars discount in a museum can mean a great saving, especially for large families.

10. Put a limit on purchases.

We all want to have memories of when we travel, but these can become very expensive. The gift for the grandmother, the aunt, and the friends add up and add costs to your trip. In these cases, and in order to save time and money, I recommend you make a list of people you want to take a souvenir to, and then set a budget; in this way, you will know approximately how much you can spend on each gift. It is also convenient to buy everything in a single store since there is more chance of having a discount on the total price.

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