7 Curiosities You Do Not Know About New England

Located on the US Northeast Coast is New England. Here is the cradle of American culture and, currently, is a center of technological and intellectual development to take very into account. In addition to enjoying spectacular scenery and beautiful beaches.

New England is Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts (whose capital Boston is the economic and cultural center of the area), Rhode Island and Connecticut.

It is a beautiful area and full of European charm, ideal to visit both in autumn and summer. To encourage you to visit the area, we give you a list of 7 curiosities that you may not know.

1.- First university in the USA

7 curiosities you do not know about New England

Boston has the first and most prestigious American University: Harvard. And what better place than this, since New England is the setting where the first American literary works and philosophical essays were developed. In addition, here the beginnings of a free public education.

2.- Thanksgiving

7 curiosities you do not know about New England1

This was where the first Thanksgiving was celebrated. It is in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where the first settlers of the famous Mayflower ship landed in 1620. If you visit Plymouth, you must visit the “Plymouth Rock” It is there where the first “North Americans” settled down and consequently where it was celebrated for the first time the Thanksgiving.

3.- It is the fastest area

7 curiosities you do not know about New England2

In addition to enjoying spectacular coastlines, New England is endowed with magnificent forests (of a thousand colors in autumn) and mountain ranges. This is the case with the Appalachian Mountains. Within this Rocky system, in the White Mountains, is Mount Washington. It is precisely at this point on the planet that the highest wind speeds have been recorded.

4.- Holiday zone of the high society

7 curiosities you do not know about New England3

The magnificent European architecture mansions in Newport, Rhode Island are a clear example of the power and economic status of many of your vacationers.

Today many of them can be visited. It was here in the Astor family. The fortune and power of this family were due to a German immigrant, John Jacob Astor. He achieved fortune thanks to the fur and opium business in China, being the wealthiest man in the United States. Of that moment.

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5.- Land of Witches

7 curiosities you do not know about New England4

And another North American tradition that arises in New England and that is generating more and more followers in Spain: Halloween. Speaking of the night of the dead, it is in Salem that many women accused of witchcraft were sacrificed. An event that has been collected over the years in novels, plays, and films.

6.- Why the US? Drink more coffee than tea

7 curiosities you do not know about New England5

If you visit Boston, you will discover an interesting historical fact: The Tea Riot, a key event at the beginning of the American War of Independence.

Tired of pressure from England in terms of fees and other unpopular measures, in protest, citizens decided to throw all the tea carried by one of the settlers into the sea. Maybe that’s why tea time in the USA. Not be as popular as in England.

7.- A city that rises from its ashes

7 curiosities you do not know about New England6

Portland, Maine is home to one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the world (the Portland Head light) and is famous for its fact: it has been rebuilt four times after multiple fires. If you visit Portland to make sure you see the lighthouse museum or try to locate where the famous writer Stephen King was born.

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