The 6 Most Beautiful Cities To Visit In Autumn

Welcome, Autumn! Time to take your favorite coat and water boots out of the closet, to feel a child again as you step on dry leaves. Time to have a cup of hot chocolate while raindrops slide in the window or to lie on the sofa with a blanket and a good book.

And, of course, autumn is synonymous with landscapes painted a thousand colors. Nature surprises us with a beautiful color palette that goes from green to red through a thousand shades of yellow, ochre and brown, and where every sunset seems the work of an artist. With all these ingredients, we are sure that on World Cities Day, which is 31 October, these destinations will steal your heart.


The 6 most beautiful cities to visit in autumn

The charm of autumn landscapes full of beauty one of the most beautiful cities themselves of the Netherlands. If anything characterizes the so-called ‘Venice of the north’ are its abundant groves that, with the warm autumnal colors, invite a romantic stroll through the historic center and its charming canals. And it is that to see the autumn stamp of Amsterdam reflected in the water is a sight worth admiring.

Another mandatory stop is the Vondelpark. Nothing like missing out on the most famous park in Amsterdam, let the breeze caress your cheeks, enjoy a real explosion of colors and rest quietly on the banks of one of its lakes.


The 6 most beautiful cities to visit in autumn

Think of Edinburgh is to think of romance, tranquility, and beauty. Museums, art galleries, enchanted castles, cultural centers, historical universities … here the autumn walks are endless. When the sun warms dimly in the cool of the city and freshly fallen leaves dye the landscape red, the capital of Scotland is enveloped in a halo of mystery and magic. What can not you miss? Edinburgh Castle, which captivates anyone’s heart, the famous Holyrood Park and the unbeatable views of Canton Hill.


New York Times Square

‘Autumn in New York, why captivates?’ Already wondered what Billie Holiday in the song ” Autumn in New York ” and how right he was. This station brings out the best of the city that never sleeps. The bright colors of your fall love you and transport you into a dream.

Have you seen the Big Apple reflected in hundreds of films and TV series and surely you wonder if it really is so or is it a dream setting? What a better answer than finding out for yourself. And, as we are, what better plan than to get lost in Central Park and tread the crisp leaves that cover the narrow paths.

After a good walk, nothing like walking into one of the cozy Upper West cafes and tasting something hot. They say that small pleasures are the ones that give happiness, right?

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The 6 most beautiful cities to visit in autumn

The leaves of the trees change color, the climate is cool but it is still pleasant to walk down the street. As the fog cools between buildings, the Bavarian city becomes melancholy and nostalgic, but even so, Munich overflows in the autumn. Why? Basically by the famous brewer event, the Oktoberfest in Munich, which annually attracts thousands of visitors from around the world. But beyond this festival, the true spectacle is the canvas of ocher, green and yellow colors that exalt even more the beauty of its monuments.

But if you want to discover a place where reality and fantasy merge into a hug, visit the castle of Neuschwanstein. The pure definition of a fairy tale.

Lofoten Islands

The 6 most beautiful cities to visit in autumn

The Lofoten Islands emerge from the turbulent waters of the Sea of Norway, where mountains and peaks, islands are erected to shelter the ocean and large wilderness areas. Like almost all the Norwegian coast, its geography is profiled by fjords and a wild nature.

It is one of the best places in the world to see the northern lights. Between late September and March is when we can enjoy this phenomenon of colorful lights in all its splendor. Here awaits you the most magical nights you’ve ever imagined, like a dream that you will not want to wake up.


The 6 most beautiful cities to visit in autumn

Already, the landscape of this Japanese city is charming, surrounded by mountains and huge parks ‘dressed’ trees and beautiful flowers. But in autumn, when the Bamboo Forest is stained with ochre, the atmosphere is really bucolic. In fact, a whole ritual. At this time, in Japan, it is traditional to do a ‘Momiji-gari’ which translated means the fact of going to the temple, the sanctuary or mountain to enjoy the spectacle of red autumn leaves.

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In addition, hundreds of festivals and special lighting are organized so that visitors can see the color change of the leaves in all their splendor.

If you want to know the face of Japan more authentic, you can not miss the Kurama Fire Festival, north of Kyoto, which is celebrated in late October. A conjunction of mysticism and tradition where the only words you will utter are: “It is difficult to explain; You have to live it. “

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