5 more ways to save money when you eat out

Eating out is always going to be more expensive than eating at home, but there are some tricks that will make your bill a little more palatable.

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Browse the internet and you can find websites that offer deals to help you save money. There are deals that offer two for one, a free coffee, a free child’s meals, a free drink or a treat for a special occasion, such as a birthday. Research the restaurants in your area and read customer reviews before you book; it is too late once you sit down to find that the restaurant is not a good one.


Many restaurants serve meals with far too much food on the plate. Order one main meal and several side dishes and split the food between you, or order a starter and main and ask for an extra plate so that you can share the food between you.


If you do not feel like cooking but cannot afford to eat in your favourite restaurant, order a takeaway and eat it at home. In this way, you have delicious food but do not have to pay the same overheads.

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Extra food

If your plate has been overloaded and you are struggling to finish all the food, ask the waiter to put it in a takeaway container so you can take it home and have it for lunch the following day. Don’t be embarrassed – the food would only get thrown away and it is surprising how many people take home their leftovers.


If you eat out at lunchtime instead of in the evening, many restaurants do a special lunchtime menu that is generally a lot less expensive. The timescale for this special menu quite often extends until late afternoon. Some restaurants even do a teatime menu before 7pm for early diners, which will also be significantly cheaper.

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If eating out is not within your financial remit, eat frugally at home and save your money for a special occasion or treat – you will enjoy it all the more.

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