Signs That Your Existing Windows Need Replacing

Double glazed windows are an excellent and beneficial addition to your home. They can last many years, but like everything in our homes, they have a lifespan. So when should you consider replacing your current double glazed windows? Here is a guide to the tell-tale signs to look out for when your windows are past their best.

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Leaking Water

If you find water leaks through the window frame it is time that your windows were replaced. Leaks are an indication that the weather seals in the window are failing, or that the drainage section is blocked.

If you have had your double glazed windows for many years they could be tired and out of date, and it is recommended they are upgraded.

Not only do they reduce outside noise, double glazed windows are a great place to start in keeping energy costs low and creating a more eco-friendly home.

Condensation Between Panes

Condensation is defined as liquid that has transformed into vapour. If the glass in your window drops below ‘dew point’ temperature, water vapour in the air forms into water droplets on the glass surface.

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In humid conditions condensation will occur at higher temperatures. In colder climates, condensation happens regardless of humidity levels.

Condensation forming between the glass panes of your window is another indication that they need to be replaced. Condensation implies that the seal surrounding the panes of glass has cracked, leaving the two panes unsealed.

Glass Chips or Cracks

Any chips or cracks within the glass in your window mean that replacing it is a necessity. A delay in renewing your windows could leave you with a leak, draught or condensation.

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Draughts Flowing Through Frame

Lastly, if you have observed a draught flowing through you window, it can be problematic, and suggests the seal in your window has broken down.

Any draught leaking between the brickwork and window frame can indicated a failure in the window sealant.

If you do discover draughts, the solution will be to replace the weather seal. The most effective fix would be to upgrade the existing double glazed windows to a brand new and more robust model of double glazing.

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