Follow these three safety tips for forklift truck work

Forklift trucks are essential equipment for many commercial businesses and industries, efficiently lifting and transporting loads; however, as with any powerful piece of industrial equipment, operating a forklift truck comes with risks. For any business using forklift trucks, training its workforce is essential.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, around one-quarter of UK workplace transport accidents involve lift trucks. The HSE says these accidents are often due to inadequate training and a lack of supervision.

For a business to operate safely, accredited forklift truck training is required. Such training is provided by specialists such as

It is said that there are three main causes of accidents involving forklift trucks: the work environment, user error, and mechanical design. Let’s take a look at three safety tips to follow when working with forklift trucks.

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1. Check stability

Every forklift truck has a centre of gravity it shares with its load; therefore, truck operators should ensure the load stays within the truck’s stability triangle to prevent it from tipping. Check the load is balanced on the loading dock and travel with it tilted backwards and as low as possible. Secure heavy loads or stacks with bindings or ropes to keep them firmly in place.

2. Be aware of your environment

The forklift truck should be driven at an appropriate speed and within any designated speed limit. Be aware that any sudden movements could cause the truck to tip over. Dealing with emergencies such as a truck tipping is part of any forklift truck training; the advice is to stay in the truck, grip the wheel, and brace your feet. A safe operating distance from any surrounding equipment should always be maintained to ensure safe movement.

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3. Treat the equipment with respect

A forklift truck can be a hazardous piece of equipment. Loads can fall off, so standing or walking under a load, a forklift attachment or a lifting mechanism should be avoided. Hands and feet should be kept clear from the forklift’s mast to avoid the risk of injury.


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