How to Use Social Networks for Your Business

How to Use Social Networks for Your Business

A financial institution is now asking its advisors to fetch $ 1.5 M on LinkedIn, another is implementing a strategy of additional sales by social media in 2017, and the real estate agents do their business there.

Social networks are now an integral part of the sales process of the majority of companies, if you are not there yet you are late.

Social networks have also become a component of an essential component of web marketing to the extent that they contribute to the SEO of the website. For simplicity, social networks can push information to make your products known, the natural search can appear on the front page of search engines when customers do their research to buy, the two strategies are complementary.

The temptation is therefore great to use the employees as intelligence agents, influencers, specifies, or even sales representatives. They are more numerous than the dedicated employees of your communication agency, know the company better, cost less, are more stamped with the mark, it is necessary to ensure that they do not do more harm than good. during their interventions.

You have no choice but to do it, but you have to control its realization.

Sharing Official Communiqués

Sharing news releases on your organization’s official page are the simplest and least risky. You can share information or articles either by clicking on the “share” function or by clicking on “like”. If you want a wide distribution, the first is better than the second, especially on LinkedIn.

You can share:

  • The announcements of the directors of the company
  • Press releases
  • New products
  • Pictures of events

In any case, try to explain why you share.

The sharing of your leaders’ posts is probably the most common on LinkedIn, from time to time it’s perfect because some messages are excellent and relevant, but when everyone does, it ends up becoming boring and more like a self-promotion operation to its general management than to a communication of the services of your company to its customers. Communication closer to the field, more focused on the needs of your customers and your prospects, is what allows optimizing the action of social networks, and for that, the employees are often better.

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Centralized Control of Publications

If you want to increase your presence, the simple sharing of official communiqués is therefore totally inadequate, it is even exceeded in terms of strategy, the publications of your employees give a stronger, more personalized strike force, which favors virility, but also riskier.

The simplest solution is to have any publication controlled by your communications department, but this limits interventions, the reaction time is too slow for the speed at which the information turns social networks. It is thus necessary to leave a certain freedom to the employees, but also to frame their publications, to train them to write, to correct their faults, to behave on the web.How to Use Social Networks for Your Business

Train Employees To Respect The Ethical Rules Of The Company

The basic principle is to respect reserve rules, often those already accepted from the code of ethics of the company.

  • Never disclose confidential information or that can benefit the competition
  • Check that the information given is not the property of the company or someone else. Be particularly careful to distribute photos found on the web that is not free of rights, you may be sued.
  • Do not give your point of view as an official position of the organization
  • Do not engage your company or some of its leaders by mentioning what they said.
  • Avoid topics in which your company should avoid judgment, especially on these three topics:
    • Politics
    • Sex
    • Religions

 How to Write Your Comments

  • Structure your argument
  • Be factual in your arguments
  • Be honest and candid in your feelings, you will only be more credible
  • Reread yourself Avoid intervening in topics that you do not know perfectly
  • Use a corrector if necessary
  • Everything goes fast on social media, prefer short, well-structured comments to long explanations that will not be read
  • Always try to stay positive
  • Avoid attacking the competition, prefer to ask questions about what they offer when you are sure to have the benefits questioned at home
  • Have someone else proofread you if you are unsure of yourself
  • Do not hesitate to correct or even delete your post in case of error

How to Respond To Attacks from Your OrganizationHow to Use Social Networks for Your Business

  • Reply as quickly as possible
  • Avoid taking it personally, avoid becoming emotional
  • You do not have to present yourself as a member of the organization
  • If the review is unclear and you cannot answer it, try to have it clarified so that you can answer it or turn it into a complaint, you can eventually provide the customer service contact information so that it can be addressed.
  • If the objection is accurate and you have the answer, turn the attack into an advantage, this is simply to use the basic selling techniques.
  • Sometimes it’s better not to want to answer. Avoid in any case the many exchanges, especially insults, especially if you engage your business, give your point and let go. This is also what some great lawyers do, they make a brilliant demonstration and then refuse to enter the exchanges that follow, and they send their “pavement” and let them do not to risk lessening their point.
  • If necessary, refer to your organization’s communications or community leader.

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