5 Fashion Trends In Ceramic Tiles In Interior Design

5 Fashion Trends In Ceramic Tiles In Interior Design

It is customary to start the renovation of an apartment with a bathroom. In its design, preference is for the most part given to the ceramic plate. This is due to the positive properties of the material, perfectly adapted for rooms with high humidity. However, ceramics and porcelain stoneware are also widely used for flooring, walls, and ceilings in the kitchen, balcony, dining room and loggia, as they give the rooms more home comfort and visual space. Therefore, for the decoration of small rooms, the ideal choice is ceramic tiles.

Every year, well-known manufacturers of ceramic tiles produce new models with an updated appearance, size, texture, color solutions and their combinations, various ornaments. As a result, it is difficult for buyers to determine the choice of such finishing material after repairs in the apartment. It is necessary to know which products are still relevant, correspond to fashion trends, and are sales hits. In addition, it is necessary to purchase models that are suitable for the chosen stylistic direction of the interior.5 Fashion Trends In Ceramic Tiles In Interior Design

Why ceramics and porcelain stoneware are popular?

 Ceramics and porcelain stoneware have undeniable advantages:

  • ecological compatibility;
  • strength;
  • wear resistance;
  • moisture resistance;
  • Durability;

The presented materials are very practical, do not require special care, always look luxurious and do not lose external appeal for many years of use. They are able to absorb light if they are coated with a glossy coating. In addition, ceramics for wall and floor cladding are fireproof, do not burn out in the sun, even under direct rays, is distinguished by increased resistance to various chemicals, fat. Ceramic plates are presented in a saturated color palette and can differ in the variety of textural and design solutions.5 Fashion Trends In Ceramic Tiles In Interior Design

Manufacturers of this finishing material today offer an extensive range of similar products. These are unique models of various shapes, textures, colors. Such a variety of products allows you to show great imagination when designing interiors. Here it is important to make a competent choice of the option, suitable for the style of the room. Therefore it is necessary to get acquainted with the fashion trends of ceramics and porcelain stoneware in the design. This is especially important for people who have made repairs of apartments on a turn-key basis and want to apply this kind of finishing material in their home.

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The main style directions of ceramics and porcelain stoneware

With the help of ceramic tiles, you can create a unique design for apartments, as well as visually increase space. The material fits into the modern interior and is great for choosing a classic style and minimalism.

The main fashion trends of ceramics and porcelain stoneware include design by texture; big size; ornaments of geometric shapes, imitation of granite, marble, onyx, metal, textiles, concrete; surface with a mirror effect.

Famous ceramics producers produce novelties, which are distinguished by a mild color tone, suitable for any style of interior solutions. Figures and lines can be clear, or vague.5 Fashion Trends In Ceramic Tiles In Interior Design

Imitation under stone, wood, metal, concrete

 Ceramic tiles with a similar texture with marble, onyx or granite are very popular. They stand out for their solidity, so they give the room a rich look. The most fashionable are beige, gray and brown colors. But the actual white, black shades of marble and porcelain stoneware remain.

Collections of famous manufacturers of ceramic plates are replenished with models with an imitation of wooden cover. Such material can bring more energy, home comfort, and warmth into the interior. The color coincides with the shades of the present tree. These products are in different tones of brown color. The surface is pleasant to the touch, creates an effect of light roughness. Therefore, ceramics of this kind are difficult to distinguish at first glance from the wooden surface.5 Fashion Trends In Ceramic Tiles In Interior Design

Another fashionable solution for the representation of the surface of the floor, walls or ceiling in sparkling details, creating the effect of metal. Ceramics with such a coating will be an excellent choice for small rooms since it has a reflective ability. This visually increases the area of the room. More often ceramic plates with an imitation of metal are used for small bathrooms.

 The present interior design is modern, in a modernist combination will help ceramic tiles with a surface that simulates concrete. Such a floor will maximally resist slipping and emphasize the magnificence of industrial solutions in the room.

Tile with an interesting texture

A new fashion trend is to consider 3D patterns on the surface of floors, walls, and ceilings. Ceramics perfectly cope with this effect. Manufacturers produce models with texture and convex relief, designed for modern interiors with minimalism. Monochrome decisions are made here; a restrained gamma of hues is welcomed.

The surface of the tile is endowed with an interesting design, which gives the product originality. It can be waves, arbitrary convexities, cutting a variety of shapes, easy erasing ornament. The unusual surface of ceramics allows creating a game of light and shadow, as well as volumes and textures.5 Fashion Trends In Ceramic Tiles In Interior Design

Simulation of geometric shapes

 More and more interesting are the surfaces with ceramics, presented in strict geometric shapes. The dominant are triangles, hexagons, and squares. For the interior of the bathroom, the most suitable are tiles in the form of honeycombs. They add style to the room. Can be represented in various sizes, shades, patterns. It looks beautiful mosaic or more extensive formats, variations in monochrome performance, smooth tiles honeycomb, non-standard sketches.

The variants with the representation of walls from ceramics in the form of scales are still actual. The color is assumed to be close to natural shades. Therefore, choose the products of light green, turquoise colors.5 Fashion Trends In Ceramic Tiles In Interior Design

Large size ceramic tiles

Large finishing plates are considered a hit of well-known design and technological trends. Dimensions of products can reach 119×239 cm. A good option is a large-format model with ceramic granite up to 3 meters, simulating the texture of a cut of marble or onyx. Such material will give the room a natural and luxurious appearance. Color shades are chosen in natural tones.

Patchwork technique or patchworks quilt

5 Fashion Trends In Ceramic Tiles In Interior Design

The design of apartments is recommended to diversify with ceramic tile, laid in patchwork technique. It is not necessary to follow the sequence of patterns. Each subsequent tile may differ from the previous one by the presence of figures, geometric figures, and lines. Sometimes in this technique, the only decor is done. In the trend, color solutions with shades of purple, plum, crimson and burgundy. No less relevant are the land, white and black colors.


 Since recently, seamless tile, created by modern technologies, has become fashionable. It allows you to apply a smaller margin for the seam or even exclude it. Seamless technology can adjust the overall situation in the apartment, give it more space. Along with this, the latest fashionable creations include micro combined materials. They are a bit like a mosaic, but they have a more complex geometric shape.

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