Three trends set to dominate the food industry in 2018

The food industry is a fast-changing one, and one that can be heavily influenced by technological advances and consumer demand. From vegan-style to more takeaways, we take a look at the three biggest trends set to dominate the food world in 2018.

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Lazy dinners

It used to just be Chinese, Indian or pizza, but these days at-home diners want to be able to order all their favourite foods online and eat like kings from the comfort of their own sofas. The rise of companies such as Just Eat, Hungry House, Deliveroo and Uber Eats is testament to this trend. Some restaurants that do not traditionally deliver are offering this service through Deliveroo, whereby the customer covers the cost of the delivery. The rise of the internet and the ease of pushing a button has made home deliveries of restaurant food easier than ever.

Not just for January

Going vegan, with many starting in Veganuary, gained huge momentum last year, with the ball set to roll well into 2018 and beyond. Demand for plant-based food has increased dramatically and businesses have responded with many more options.

Tesco brought out the Wicked Healthy range of vegan ready meals this year and most high street restaurants can offer at least one main choice for vegans, some with dedicated menus for those following a vegan lifestyle. Even your favourite Italian restaurant in Dublin, such as, is likely to offer at least one vegan option. Restaurants also need to cater for those who are gluten intolerant.

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The lure of the Middle East

Middle Eastern and North African cuisine is fast becoming recognised and celebrated for its intense flavours and healthy leanings; in fact, Moroccan dishes such as tagine are already vegan or can be easily adapted, enabling restaurants to meet two trends at once. Do you want to encourage consumers to eat at your place? Serve up a tasty tabbouleh, a kofta, a hearty mujadarra or simply add falafel and hummus flatbread to your lunch menu.

Will these be the biggest food trends of 2018? It certainly looks this way, so make sure your outlet can cater for vegans, think about adding some Middles Eastern spice, and consider how you can let your customers enjoy your food in their own home.

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