How To Perfectly Press Your Sewing Projects

Pressing is to sewing what icing is to cake in the sense that it finishes it off. Heat and steam combined will give your garments that finished, professional look. Here’s how to get the best results.

How To Perfectly Press

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If you have yet to purchase your iron, Which has a very comprehensive guide.

Press Seams Flat, Then Work the Sides

Give your seams an initial press as they are sewn, still flat. This will help to set the fabric and reduce impressions made by sewing. Then press the seam open, and finally you can go ahead and press on the right side.

Shape, Then Press

Steam and heat can help you to ease the fabric into a specific shape. Avoid pulling the fabric as much as possible. Set the required shape first and then press the iron on top of it to set the shape.

Use the End Part of the Board

The end of the ironing board is an invaluable piece of kit when it comes to pressing a small area like a shirt collar. It prevents the rest of your item from becoming creased as you concentrate on the desired area.

How To Perfectly Press

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Utilise Shaping Tools

Invest in equipment such as a tailor’s ham. These will really help with difficult shapes such as darts. A sleeve board or a seam roll are perfect for trouser legs.

The Protective Layer

Be very careful not to scorch your fabrics. Delicate fabrics such as silk are particularly vulnerable to damage whilst pressing. If in doubt, place a pressing cloth, which is a thin layer of muslin, or even a thin sheet of paper between your fabric and the iron.

Finger Press

Sometimes, contact with the iron in not necessary. Open the seam with your fingers, move your fingers, jet the seams with steam, and carefully set with your fingers.

The Strip of Card Trick for Avoiding Seam Allowance Impressions

Pop a strip of paper between the fabric and seam allowance to avoid leaving these impressions.

No Tap Water

Irons are prone to limescale buildup, so mix tap with distilled water.

Jazz it All Up

You’ll enjoy ironing more if your board looks pretty, and has a great choice of dressmaking fabric.

Work Smarter

Speed up the process and steam seams all at once.

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