The Dogs Help To Protect Women Victims Of Violence

The dogs are used in many fields of great importance for us. We guide dogs we have already spoken to the blind, dogs trained for rescue, for medical care, pet therapy, and drugs. A dog you can entrust an infinite number of tasks rather than laudable and now also to protect women victims of violence.

Today we talk about the latest trends in the field of assistance dogs: use them as a bodyguard of women who suffer abuse. To hear sounds perfectly logical, right? Let’s see how the idea was born and how they work these guardian angels.

Dogs to protect women, victims of violence

The Dogs Help To Protect Women Victims Of Violence3

The cases of violence against women have fallen slightly in recent years, thanks to support programs for abused women and more effective protection systems. Nevertheless, we are still far from having eradicated this social evil.

The term ” gender violence ” refers generally to acts of violence against women, but of course, it can also affect children and men.

Spain appears to be one of the pioneer countries in the use of dogs to protect women victims of violence, through a program called ESCAN, directed by Fernando Soleto.

The project involves a number of dogs trained for this purpose. Not all women will have access to the program; It must have received a complaint followed by the restraining order.

Why is the program you need?

The Dogs Help To Protect Women Victims Of Violence2

Move house or city to escape the violence of a man or getting a restraining order is sometimes not enough. There are many cases where the persecutor is able to reach his victim; women who suffer violence are forced to leave everything, but they continue to live in fear.Their life undergoes a drastic change and becomes a simple go without joy.

To take possession of a normal life is necessary material support and psychological assistance; Meanwhile, a woman victim of abuse are afraid to walk the streets, to relate to others; fear for themselves and their children.A watchdog body gives greater security, peace and, of course, provides a real protection.

It is well-known fidelity and loyalty of dogs. They are willing to do anything for us, even at the cost of life. This is their innate behavior that does not require training.

Imagine how far they can get to protect an abused woman when they are trained for this? No doubt, alongside a dog with a woman is one of the best ways to protect it.

How they work these dogs?

The Dogs Help To Protect Women Victims Of Violence

As we have said, are dogs that are trained specifically for the sole purpose of protecting the lives and safety of their master. The animal, according to legislation Spanish, being a large breed dog must be muzzled. It is however of special muzzles suitable impact, reinforced with steel plates. In the event of a threat to the woman, the dog is able to hit the attacker with a muzzle leaving him unconscious for long enough to ask for help.

The most commonly used dogs in this project are the German shepherd and Belgian shepherd, for various reasons. First of all for their intimidating appearance. Second, because they are obedient and tenacious as any other dog. Third, because they know to be aggressive when needed, but they are docile with their owners and their families.

Still, I doubt that the dog is man’s best friend? One more reason to be grateful to these angels who watch over our health and our lives. We hope that the Spanish initiative will help to combat this widespread phenomenon and maybe that is taken as an example to the rest of the world.

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