Three Tips for Moving House With Your Cat

Cats are creatures which are very territorial and need their home comforts in order to feel safe. Therefore, when we move house, it can be a very stressful time for our cats, as all the things that they have around them to make them feel safe and secure are taken away.

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This means that when we are doing all the things that we need to do to plan our move, from arranging the transport from a van hire Bristol based company like this to arranging the broadband for our new home, we also need to spend some time planning for our cats to make sure that they feel happy throughout the moving process.

Here are some of the things that we can do to help cats when we are moving…

Think About Scent – A cat’s sense of smell is so important and is the main way that they make themselves comfortable in the home where they live. Having things around your cat that smell of their home will make it much easier for them to settle. Scratching is one way that they add smell so if you have a scratch post that is loved and used often, take this with you to help your cat integrate and also bring things like bedding that will smell like your cat and help them to settle in.

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Moving Day – All the activity of moving day can be scary for a cat, and there is a risk of the cat having an accident, getting lost or running away if they are in the home whilst there are lots of comings and goings. The best thing to do to keep your cat safe on the day of the move is to arrange them to have a cattery stay, or alternatively leave them with a trusted friend or family member who will keep them safe and cared for throughout the moving day.

Routine – As well as being creatures that use scent to feel secure, cats also love a regular routine. Keeping mealtimes the same each day and making sure that you do your best to keep the things that happen in your cat’s life the same will help them to feel safer and more comfortable.

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