How To Make Affordable Trips With Your Partner

With the occasion of Valentine’s Day approaching one of the most coveted and desired gifts is a romantic getaway with your partner, but many times is left alone in that, a desire since many people are can afford an express break. You do not necessarily have to do it by that date, as you probably can find the surprise that the demand is so high that in addition to hard to find places, prices are much higher than normal.How To Make Affordable Trips With Your Partner1

Affordable trip

There are several tips you can follow to go out with your partner, but mainly is not waiting for it to be February 14 to go on a trip, you will hardly find a good price. You can do it a day before or a day later and you will be surprised to see more options.


The second decision you must make after the date is the place you want to go. The dream of many people is to visit Paris or Venice, but realistically is a journey that must be perfectly planned and time.

Some more accessible options may be to travel the country, there are many beautiful places that surround us and we have not given the opportunity to start knowing our own country. The romantic moment can be made with a special dinner.

How To Make Affordable Trips With Your Partner3


Traveling by car beside being much more comfortable you can opt for this means of transport in case you have chosen a nearby destination. You can check car sharing options where only amounts are charged to cover the cost of gasoline and are generally people who should likewise make the trip. You can search for this option in groups on social networks.

There is the option of renting a car to avoid costs such as taxis or transportation from one place to another with medium to long distances.

You could opt for a third option such as the bus, which generally has much more affordable costs. Of course, we recommend making the purchase of tickets in advance to make it cheaper.

If you want to leave the country probably the best option for a getaway is a flight, remember to do it early enough and compare with different sites online, Google Flights can be an excellent tool to compare options and receive alerts. Choose cheap destinations.

How To Make Affordable Trips With Your Partner2


For romantic or more personal getaways the best option is the rural houses, of lodging or until hostels. Green tourism is gaining in popularity and there are much more options than existed 10 years ago. Being small or family businesses, you can give a negotiation and get a better price.

In the case of rural houses, there is an advantage the great infinity of activities that can be done, you are in contact with nature, canyoning, hiking and of course try to have a city nearby to be able to experience cultural activities.

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There is also the option of hotels, but you should keep in mind that room rates are generally non-negotiable and are pre-set rates. If you chose the car, parking may have a cost or if it can not be difficult to find one free.

Just because you are choosing an economic trip does not mean that it is not romantic, you can create the atmosphere by means of original and special activities for you and your partner, or your family. Of course, activities vary by families and couples. Try not to use mobiles to create a more personal environment and enjoy.

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