Retirement Checkup: Do You Have These 3 Things in Place?

You’ve worked hard for years and are excited to be nearing retirement age. And you should be. This is an exciting time, but it is also one that many people fret over. Having the proper tools in place will help reduce the stress and uncertainty that can accompany this new stage in life.

1. The Right Insurance Coverage

You will want to plan for insurance coverage before you retire. Arrange for health insurance for starters. If you are eligible for Medicare, go ahead and start the enrollment process. If not, talk to your employer about any coverage you might be able to continue and then turn to private markets if necessary. If you haven’t already purchased life insurance coverage, consider a guaranteed acceptance term life insurance policy that is available to anyone regardless of your age. Most health conditions are accepted, although you may have a waiting period before benefits kick in.

2. A Retirement Budget

You will be transitioning to a relatively fixed income when you retire. That makes a budget more important than ever. Talk to a financial advisor about how much you can withdraw from your savings without compromising your long-term financial stability. If you have any higher-risk investments, now might be the time to divest them and reinvest in something a little more stable. Be aware of any applicable requirements for when and how much money you must withdraw from certain retirement accounts. Learn what those rules are so you don’t end up owing a penalty fee or additional tax. That can quickly eat into your retirement savings.

3. A Social Security Filing Timeline

If you are relying on Social Security to meet your needs in retirement, you must develop a timeline for claiming benefits. Use one of the many benefits calculators that are available to determine the best strategy for filing. This will enable you to maximize the amount of money you receive over time. Use the information to develop a customized filing timeline.

There are many tools and resources available to help you navigate the retirement process. Be aware of rules and requirements to maximize your savings and earning and be sure to maintain the proper insurance coverage so unexpected expenses don’t derail your plans.

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