Holding a successful Meeting

When it comes to the workplace, we all know that working as a team is a good thing and leads to good work ethics and a positive work environment. Many organisations inspire colleagues with someone like keynote speaker UK based Jamie McDonald. Some use team building games and activities. Another thing seen to foster a good positive workplace is the humble meeting.

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Meetings are a staple of the corporate world. Managers and professionals are always in and out of meetings. But they need to be managed properly to be as productive as they should be. Meetings have a bit of a bad reputation for being time eaters with good reason. They can be very unproductive if you are not careful. The purpose of a meeting is to get people together to communicate and share information – this is a good thing – but check the list below to see how you can stop your meetings from wasting time…

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  • Set up a schedule for the meeting before it begins – this helps people to stick to the agenda and not become waylaid or veer away from the subject that the meeting was called for.
  • Ensure you set a time and stick to it. You may be surprised how many meetings start late – even if only by 5 minutes over the day this can lose a lot of time – and over a week even more! Lateness also can cause annoyance from the people who arrived on time.
  • Throughout the meeting, make sure that everyone is being involved. If someone is just sat the from start to finish without any input, they really don’t need to be there.
  • Give people a heads up about what is going to be spoken about at the meeting and give them a role – this stops a lot of delays ensuring the meeting as everyone comes prepared.


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