Must have gadgets for your garage

If you’re a car lover, your garage is its home, and you want to treat it with as much respect as your own house. Just as you want to make your own home a safe space for its residents and guests, there are lots of gadgets that you can install in your garage to ensure that your car is well protected.

Must have gadgets for your garage

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Know when to stop

Whether you reverse or forward park your car in a garage, it can be useful to have a marker to warn you when to stop so that you don’t bump into a wall or other furniture in the room. You can purchase a stopper that sticks to the floor so that you can feel it when parking, much like a mini speed bump.

Protect your doors

Have you ever opened your car door straight onto a wall or another car? Sometimes the damage can be minimal, such as a small scratch or a little chip of paint. Other times, the damage is more severe. Wall strips can be placed at the exact height where your door opens widest so the door is opening on rubber rather than a hard surface.

Must have gadgets for your garage2

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Garage shelving

Having a place to store your car accessories, tools, and miscellaneous items will keep clutter from the floor and ensure you don’t run over anything as you park your car. You should look at a specialist shelving company that will provide the right items for your garage, such as You can choose from different heights, number of shelves and widths to fit into your garage.

Open and close

You can now control your garage door from your phone anywhere in the world, with Wi-Fi control. Install the main box in your garage and connect it to your home Wi-Fi, then use a smartphone app to open and close the door from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful if you have several family members using the garage who don’t always close the door!

Light it up

Lighting is not only a solution to help you see where you’re going when parking your car, but you can also use it as a security measure. Motion sensor light bulbs are available that will turn on when they detect movement. You can then see if someone is approaching the garage without your prior knowledge.

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