Ancient medicine and modern diseases

Ambiguous attitude

Our society has developed a dual attitude to the ancient medicine. When there is talk about the theory, we all just smile, mocking the ancient physicians who use these treatments and medications that seem to us ridiculous. If you start talking about the practical side, our relationship is changing dramatically. Witch Doctor can operate under the guise of “expert in ancient Chinese medical techniques,” it will give him credibility in our eyes. When we meet at the pharmacy bottle with the words on the label “produced by an ancient recipe,” we no longer confuse the big number on the price tag.

It turns out that we understand the mind could not Aesculapius ancient world, lacking even minimal knowledge of anatomy and physiology, unfamiliar with the microcosm and its inhabitants, to create high-performance products and invent unique medical techniques. But we have a very early age was taught to respect their elders, the older the person, the more worthy of respect for his experience. We automatically shifted such an attitude to medicine – if the ancient recipe, it tested by centuries means using it has recovered more than one generation of people.

Ancient medicine and modern diseases

How old received medical knowledge

In order to understand how ancient people got the recipe for their recipes, you do not need to have the academic knowledge of history or archeology, show quite a bit of common sense and use logic. Without possessing basic knowledge in biology, to seek treatment methods can only be two ways – trial and error or by analogy.

Enumeration method

Unfortunately, prior to the beginning of the twentieth century, a various options busting method cannot be effective enough, if he allowed getting some good results, it is because of blind luck. Judge for yourself – in order to sort through the different options and analyze their performance, you must have sufficient means for storing and processing information. Can you imagine a Chinese doctor, who would have tried hundreds of different combinations of herbal preparations in the patients of the same disease and then offered its record large team of research assistants who would be involved in their analysis and systematization? I cannot think of such a “healer”, experiment on the sick patient, very fast and very hard to kill their relatives. But the ancient Chinese medicine is very popular in our country and abroad – in almost every town has a witch doctor, offering their patients the ancient Chinese recipe. And that we are talking about China, in which the paper appeared a long time ago. And how could organize information storage and processing in other parts of the world, where the paper began to be used only at the beginning of the Renaissance?

Ancient medicine and modern diseases1

Analog method

Inability to use the method of selection has led to a widespread method of analogy. If a large animal seeking some grass, this grass can help a sick person? If the bear is very strong and hardy, it can be eating his paws make a person as strong? This level of thinking of ancient people, and they are very much mistaken in regard to animals. In all cultures, the male lion is a symbol of courage and strength, and naturally, he’s sleeping twenty hours a day and does not participate in the hunt, food for him mined females. What kind of courage and strength can there be? But in Africa, people still firmly believe that if you eat the heart of a lion, it is possible to become the strongest and most courageous.

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Chinese Medicine – an example to follow

Particularly successful in a method similar to the Chinese. So what? With so many people can be carried out any experiments, people will notice the disappearance of a couple of thousand people, even if the local district center several million lives. This country is still a huge popular extract from various parts of the body of popular animals, as an effective tool for the treatment of diseases. There’s even a bear farm, which produces the bile the animals. It is worth noting that bile is used by the body for the withdrawal of all the most harmful substances, which he got, and in fact is a potent poison.

Ancient medicine and modern diseases3

Common sense and ancient medicine

I do not deny the effectiveness of some ancient recipes, but most of them were recognized modern physicians and are available in pharmacies in the form of modern dosage forms. If you prefer to fall for such bait marketers, as the word “old” in the signage or packaging, or at least ask, whence came to us this technique or preparation and that led to his discovery. If the recipe had a shaman after performing the ritual, involving the reception of potent hallucinogens, but do not expect the effect of its application, except as a placebo, when faith in the action of the drug performs the therapeutic function of the drug itself.

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