13 Remedies to Relieve Headache, Migraine.

A headaches or migraines is, perhaps, are the most common ailment experienced by most people.But before a  headache, headaches or migraines often as indicated it is to consult with your doctor to rule out any organic problem, mainly if any of these features:

  • Sudden, unbearable pain, like never before. It can be a sign of an internal hemorrhage, and you must go to the emergency of a clinic as soon as possible.
  • Pain associated with neurological symptoms, such as weakness, lack of sensation, or vision problems.
  • Pain accompanied by any other symptoms, particularly fever, shortness of breath, discomfort in the ears, nose or throat.
  • Pain from a blow or injury to the head, or may be associated in some way with them.
  • Pains that begin at age 35. They could indicate some serious problem.
  • Pains that interfere with the usual lifestyle

It is recommended to make good blood, to have controlled any disease.

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13 remedies for a headache

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

Headache Chamomile tea: Boil four bags of chamomile tea in a liter of water. Let stand and then cooled, if you prefer to put some ice cubes and some lemon. You can also place in the area of pain, compresses soaked in this cold tea. It helps relieve pain and is an excellent anti-inflammatory

Mint tea: Boil two bags of mint tea in a cup of water. Soak some compresses and place in the pain area, repeat this process for five minutes.

Artichokes: Boil a cut artichoke into four parts, with two cups of water. Take a cup of that infusion. It is recommended to include artichoke in your meals. Helps headaches caused by the liver.

Garlic: Crush a medium clove garlic, remove the juice and mix it with a tablespoon of honey. This remedy was much recommended by grandmothers before to relieve these pains.

Cider vinegar: Soak a handkerchief with two tablespoons of cider vinegar. Put it on the forehead. This remedy was much used by the American.

Mustard and sea salt: Tiber a liter of water, then you add two tablespoons of mustard and a handful of sea salt, this solution leads to a container where you can place your feet. You can alternate putting your feet in another container with cold water. This decreases a headache and helps circulation.

Cabbage: Finely chop half a cup of cabbage with a stalk of celery, blend with a cup of water. Then you drink that preparation on an empty stomach.

White wine: Uniting half cup of white wine, half water, rocíale two or three leaves of chamomile. Soak in a compress with this infusion and place it in the area of pain.

Lavender essential oil: Mix four drops of lavender essential oil with 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 almond. Unite well. Then place in the area of pain and give a few gentle massages, to penetrate these oils.

Coffee: Take a cup of coffee when you have pain, you can add two Gothic olive oil. It is optional. Coffee, if you are accustomed to drinking it regularly, will not have as much effect as taking one at the time of the pain.

MigraineICE: This remedy is well known and used in these cases, but at times we forget. Take a bag or a towel, wrap several ice cubes, place it in the area of pain, try to lie down and relax when you are doing this treatment. Perform this process for a period of 15 minutes, rest and return do 15 minutes more.

Ginger: Great A Ginger medium, then bring to the boil two cups of water. You take a cup of this infusion. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and analgesic powers, which help calm this unpleasant pain.

Message: Make a message on the temple, rubbing gently for a few minutes, massage your forehead and nose area. You can help to do the massages with a lemon without peeling it. Also, you can make use of an oil of natural origin, as for example; The essential oil of coconut, almond, even olive oil.

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