Is it Safe to Travel to Jordan?

Is it safe to travel to Jordan? Maybe this question has been hanging around your head for a while, just like the image of Petra’s Treasure. In Iati Insurance we want to help dispel your doubts so you can buy and air ticket and see with your own eyes that it is safe to travel to Jordan. Enjoy some of the wonders of the country like the desert of Wadi Rum or the ruins of Jerash without fear.

Travel to Jordan independently

The news we sometimes see on television about the Middle East is terrifying. The proximity of Jordan to Syria and Iraq have earned him for many a totally undeserved bad reputation. Jordan is a quiet and safe country. Those who travel in groups and independently feel comfortable and happy to be in such a special place.

Jordan to move around your air is simple and with minimal care, insurance. We do not want to take you to deception either, as anywhere in the world and especially in the big cities a little precaution is never over. Finding out about the best neighborhoods to visit in Amman and being a little alert outside the tourist areas at night is something that should belong to the common sense of any traveler.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

It will not be pretty rare that you see a police presence in the busiest areas of the capital and other tourist sites in the country. Jordan is a country that knows everything it has to offer and tries to encourage tourism to it by providing the greatest security to its visitors.

In addition, we recommend taking a look at the safety instructions that the Foreign Ministry of Spain, which are often updated.

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How are the locals in Jordan?

Jordan is a modern country but retains strong traditions that are interesting to know. In Jordan, it is very rare that you feel harassed since the locals are respectful and grateful people for your visit to their land. Be understanding, interested in your way of seeing the world and accepting your hospitality. Respect is the key both to travel to Jordan safely and to the rest of the planet.

It is common for ye shall see Jordanian women dress in a veil, although not mandatory. The majority of the population is Muslim, although there are Christian and Jewish minorities who live without problems.

Image Source: Google
Image Source: Google

Some tips for traveling around Jordan safely

It is safe to travel to Jordan but, as we discussed above, a minimum of common sense is necessary. Here we give some tips for safe travel to Jordan:

  • Dressing modestly and keeping the country way: Try to leave pants and short skirts and tank tops at home. Although Jordanians are sympathetic and accustomed to tourism, it is best to avoid this type of clothing that does not fit the customs of the country.
  • Avoid walking the less touristy areas overnight Amman: Jordan’s capital is a safe place but it is better to move around the areas near your hotel when the sun goes down.
  • Keeping a good travel insurance: Although it is safe to travel to Jordan, do not neglect your tranquility. Hire a complete travel insurance like the one offered by Iati and we will help you to solve any incident related to your trip in the best way.
  • Enjoy with all senses of one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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