How To Handle Conflicts When Living With Your Partner

Moving to live with your partner is a very important decision and a big step in their relationship. Moving can be entertaining and be unpacking and ordering all things in the new department can create great moments together. But what can you do when, after a few months, things are not as pretty as they were at the beginning?

First, having some difficulties along the way is normal. Whether you’ve lived with a roommate or not, every move needs adjustments. Moving with your partner adds pressure that does not necessarily exist when you move in with a friend or stranger. On the other hand, even if you think you know everything about your boyfriend or girlfriend, you are likely to learn some new things once you start living with your partner, which takes a time to get used to.

If you have problems with your partner, follow these tips for you to know how to handle conflicts by living with your partner.

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Be yourself

Living with your partner makes all day together. Although that can be fun and can work for many couples, try to do your best to remain yourself out of the relationship. Develop hobbies that you enjoy, even if they are not interested in your partner. Talk to your friends at work or at the gym and spend time with them. The key is to feel fulfilled with the couple, but also without it. By keeping your identity, you may feel a little happier and you will probably have something interesting to talk to your partner at the end of the day.

How to handle conflicts when living with your partner

Define cleaning rules

One of the main causes of friction when living with your partner is cleaning. Opposites are attracted, which can be very nice at first, but when one is a cleaning addict and the other is a little messy, frustration can appear rather quickly.

Maybe you did not realize or did not care that the previous home of your partner is a disaster (because you did not live there), but it is likely that now it will drive you mad that he or she leaves the place shared day by day.

Instead of getting upset and bothered whenever something they did not expect happens, define some cleanliness rules or goals. Some situations you may consider are: when they are both alone, when they have a visit or when one of you are on vacation.

How to handle conflicts when living with your partner

Plan meals with time

Another of the causes of conflicts when living with your partner are cooking schedules. If one of you carries most of the responsibility, he or she may feel frustrated or think that they take advantage of him or her. As with cleaning, communication is key. Decide who will be responsible for going to the store to buy the ingredients, who will cook the meals and who will clean the kitchen later. There will be changes in schedules, yes, but knowing that you will work together on this will make a big difference.

How to handle conflicts when living with your partner

Find your personal space

Even if you live in an Apartment, try to find some space for you. Whether reading quietly for a while in one of the rooms or cooking dinner with headphones on, define some personal space in the apartment and take advantage of it when you need to be alone with yourself.

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