How to Choose Flooring to Complement Your Home

Flooring is something you don’t want to have to change more than a few times in your home because of the cost implications and the upheaval it causes, so you need to do your homework before buying new flooring and make sure it will complement your existing furnishings.

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The colour of your flooring should enhance your existing furniture and furnishings, so dark wood flooring, for example, would make a room with light-coloured walls look larger. It is ideal for bedrooms because dark colours are accentuated by metal accessories and blend in perfectly with natural linen and moody blues and pinks.


Shades of grey give the space a feeling of calm and serenity but also give you the freedom to play with either warm or cool tones. Both light and dark grey are popular choices and create a contemporary look to your room.

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For a cool, crisp and light room, light wooden flooring will give you a sense of space and is ideal in a room with plenty of natural light.


Herringbone or parquet flooring designs make a room look wider. The use of long wide plank flooring from would be ideally suited to larger flooring spaces often seen in contemporary designs.

There are many choices of colour, design, texture and size, but it will be the size of the room, whether it has natural light or not and what furniture and fixtures are in situ which will help you make the correct choice.

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