How slot machines changed the industry of online casinos

How this online slot machines games develop literally? We want to share our observations about the trends we have seen and make some assumptions about the prospects for this direction. Let’s start with how video slots have changed in recent years, and what transformations should please our readers.

Distributing browser versions

The Internet is becoming more and more fast and cheap, and online games every year increase their functionality and reduce the requirements for the quality of communication. Accordingly, more manufacturers of software for Internet gambling and casinos themselves, working on the expanses of the worldwide network, prefer models that work without downloading client programs.

Free play mode

Probably, now you cannot find an online casino in which you cannot play slot machines for free. Moreover, very many establishments that run the browser version allow you to test games even without registration, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

Improved graphics

This point is just the most predictable. Computer graphics are developing at a rapid pace, and this is very noticeable in the world of online gambling. Some of the best slot machines are real masterpieces. Comparing them with the first models is simply incorrect – so they stepped forward. Some manufacturers specialize in graphics have already made significant progress such as you can try

Expansion of slot functions

Not so long ago video slots possessed a standard set of options: Wild and Scatter symbols, free spins and, probably, a simple bonus game. Now there are models with several varieties of unique bonus rounds, unusual special symbols, special features of free launches and original solutions.

Sometimes, having met a new model from a young manufacturer, even experts in the gambling world, you first have to devote a lot of time to studying the rules and the pay table. Video slots are more like computer games. Some of them offer multi-level bonus rounds and an abundance of settings.

Progressive jackpots in slot machines

It cannot be said that in recent years there have been some radical changes in this regard. Progressive jackpots, as before, are played in special video slots. Periodically, new models are produced, sometimes with multi-level jackpots. From time to time we hear that someone broke a large sum. But there is no need to talk about any innovations.

Models from different manufacturers in one casino

One of the modern trends can also be considered multiplatform casino. Many of them offer customers gambling machines, as well as gambling of other genres, issued by different companies. Often, in a casino, there are several models of five or more manufacturers. Of course, this plays into the hands of both institutions and users. The first can acquire only the most interesting games, and the second does not need to run from the casino in the casino to test the video slot that interested them.


Modern video slots are more and more like computer games. This is a new trend, which in recent years, experts in the field of gambling. The portfolio of many developers have models with several levels, skill based elements, system of achievements, unique bonuses and other original features. This software producers and slot operators are hoping to attract in the casino a younger generation of customers who are not interested in traditional gambling.

Free Slots Tournaments

Some time ago online gambling was dominated by large-scale tournaments with several stages, paid participation and impressive prize funds. Currently, in the fashion free competitions with the drawing of computer points.

Such slot tournaments are arranged by many online casinos. Customers only need to play on certain models at the specified time. They are automatically considered participants of the event, if they make bets with real money.

Video Slots in Mobile Casinos

All the largest developers of software for Internet gambling are releasing new slot devices with interface versions adapted for smartphones and tablets. According to statistics, every year the number of customers who prefer mobile casinos is steadily growing. Producers go to meet them.

Free-backs at slot machines

Free rotation on video slots turned into one of the most popular casino shares. Most leading portals delight new and regular customers with free-backs on popular slot devices. Often they are attached to the bonuses for the first deposits, but can also be charged separately.


We could mention some more details, but they do not seem so significant to us. Much more important is the fact that slot machines in online casinos are really becoming more quality and quality. Their schedule improves. A variety is introduced into the set of options. They work more steadily. In a word, they pass to a higher level, which cannot but rejoice.

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