8 Types Of Work For People With Disabilities

8 Types Of Work For People With Disabilities

This article opens a series of articles for people with disabilities. We all have unequal opportunities, but we all have equal rights. Despite the fact that people with disabilities find it hard to get a job, there are areas in which they can succeed.

People with disabilities musculoskeletal problems should pay attention to remote work in the IT sphere, call centers, remote accounting, in general, any areas for which a professional computer and skype are sufficient. Today we will pay attention to work that does not require special qualification, for which you only need to have a computer and learn how to use it.

Here 8 types of work for people with disabilities

8 Types Of Work For People With Disabilities

Content manager

A simple and constantly in demand work to fill out pictures and descriptions of websites of online stores and text portals. The work of the content manager requires pedantry and attention to detail, competent language and basic knowledge in using the computer. If you find the time and improve your qualifications, for which there are many online courses and articles, you can become a site administrator or a copywriter.

Copywriter / Recruiter

The work is simple and very popular. To succeed in copywriting, you need to write competently in English and be able to compose coherent texts. Copywriting can be both semantic, i.e. articles on interesting topics that are written to order, and SEO-texts that are written for certain requirements of Internet marketers and used to promote sites. Beginning copywriters receive little, but with proper development and experience, the cost of 1000 characters is growing.

8 Types Of Work For People With Disabilities


Less demanded, but from that, no less popular work by the composer of texts requires a fast computer set. Many companies translate their paper archives into a digital form. For this, paper documents are scanned and third-party specialists are recruited for manual recruitment.

Call-center operator

If you do not have a problem with the speech, you can get a job in the call center remotely. At home, it is much more convenient to work as a call center operator than in a noisy office, where 500 people are talking on the phone with you. Calls in the call center are of two types: incoming and outgoing. Processing of incoming calls is a support service, registration of applications or receiving of feedback on the hotline.

Outgoing calls are surveys, surveys or cold sales. Cold sales by phone are considered hard work. The manager gives you a script (a script of conversation with the buyer) and you sell by phone. Usually, they sell credit services or financial services. The work is considered difficult because of the negative, which often comes from the other side of the wire, but this work allows you to earn more than most pensions and disability benefits.

Online store manager

Receiving orders via the Internet, ringing and clarifying the composition of the order, and the subsequent transfer of the order for the assembly – these are the duties of the manager of the online store. Internet shops are the fastest growing branch of business in the CIS, there is always a job for you.

Mystery shopper of Internet orders

A mystery shopper is a person who makes an order in a cafe, restaurant or at a gas station and tells the details of how he was served and what quality of the goods he received. This service allows managers and owners to control their personal and check the quality of service.

The Internet also needs such a person. You will need to do test orders, leave complaints in the call center and collect information about how you were served. For this work, they pay both money, and a check cover or assortment of products of the tested store.

8 Types Of Work For People With Disabilities

Software Tester

Not all programs are tested automatically, this is also done by software testers. Some programs need to be checked manually, fill in forms and see the correctness of the display of sites in different browsers or the quality of the programs. Sometimes for this work you need an adequate person with computer knowledge without education. Such work will allow you to get a qualification in IT.

Do not wait for indulgence from anyone

An important note to people with disabilities: your desire to get a job is huge and you have many competitors among healthy people. Your competitive advantages: round the clock accessibility by Skype, assiduity, and conscientiousness, and I will be honest, small financial appetites. Also on your side are tax breaks for those who have a disabled person officially employed.

But this does not mean that you are entitled to some kind of indulgence. Behave yourself as professionally as possible, learn on free courses, put on business-like skype calls. Employers who value honesty in people and are not guided by stereotypes will necessarily go to your meeting.

Do not fool me

Never and never bet on fraud. Remember, with the work that is covered in this article, you should not pay for anything: neither for access to databases, nor for training courses, nor for a folder with texts. As if you were not assured of honesty, this is fraud.

Also, do not do a lot of work for free. Work on the Internet is good luck, they throw and deceive everyone, but it’s better to be careful and work with trusted suppliers.

Good luck with the interview!

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