More ways to get the best performance from your Drupal website

With increasing numbers of business managers opting for a Drupal website thanks to its flexibility and wide range of plug-ins and modules, it’s important to know how to get the best possible performance from your website. We’ve already taken a look at some of the best ways to improve Drupal website performance, so now let’s take a look at some more options that you might like to try.

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Sometimes cited as one of the best modules available on the Drupal platform, Views is extremely popular but needs to be overseen by an experienced Drupal design agency for the best results. The software can generate a reduction in speed in database queries if not set up correctly, and even an experienced designer may need to take some time trying out different settings and versions of queries before settling on the most appropriate load times without compromising the site’s functions.

Fast 404

According to Forbes, “404 page not found” errors are simple technical problems that could lead to a drop in visitor numbers, so they need to be addressed. The Fast 404 module frees up memory by loading a simple 404 page that won’t use up much memory. However, the onus is still on the site owner to resolve underlying issues as quickly as possible to avoid any negative impact on the website.

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Performance monitoring

Whether you’re already experienced in Drupal design or you prefer to employ a dedicated Drupal agency such as, it stands to reason that at some point you’re going to come across problems. The Devel module has been created as one option, and it lists database queries; analyses the time they took; and returns memory usage of page loading times, which shows which parts of the website need to be optimised.

Alternatively, New Relic can run on the server, logging query speeds and functions. Although it’s actually a third-party service, the New Relic module works perfectly in the Drupal environment and is able to monitor important information that could improve the website. As an added bonus, the module functions even on live websites, enabling you to keep an eye on issues that could potentially be a cause for concern, and the software also offers helpful tips for improving website performance following the initial launch period.

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