What You Need To Know About AutoElectric In A Car

What You Need To Know About Auto Electrics In A Car

Present a modern car without autoelectric impossible. Now any machine is a complex mechanism, consisting of a huge number of sensors. By its electrical wires, electrons are constantly “running”, which cause the transport to move and also guarantee a comfortable ride.

Technical progress has reached the point where current cars are able to offer virtually unlimited possibilities. Here you can charge the phone, use air conditioning, listen to music, watch your favorite movies or videos from the Internet, etc. In the recent past, drivers could not even imagine such a level of comfort, but all this became possible thanks to electronics. Therefore, no one will interfere with understanding these issues; even if you are not a professional mechanic, as this will help you better understand the functioning of your machine.

To help you understand the basics of auto electronics and not get confused in simple matters, we have prepared a special article that will acquaint you with the main aspects. Today, you will learn not only about the basic electronic systems but also understand what problems may arise in them and how to better eliminate them.

What You Need To Know About Auto Electrics In A Car

What is included in the concept of “autoelectric”

Present cars are equipped with rather sophisticated electronic equipment. As a good example, we suggest you remove the dashboard, under which you will see a huge number of wires. All of them are connected to different devices, and then disappear under the hood and disperse all over the cabin.

If you are far from this topic, then the presented show is unlikely to tell you anything. However, a specialist or even an amateur can understand to which system a particular wire is connected. In general, all this is necessary in order to facilitate a person’s life.

It should be understood that auto electronics is not only an opportunity to enjoy air conditioning, lighting and other benefits of civilization. Without it, your transport simply will not budge. Therefore, the main electronic systems include:

  • Spark distributor;
  • Control block;
  • high-voltage coil;
  • spark plug;
  • starter;
  • Anti-lock system.

To less important devices include car headlights, turn signals, sound and stop signals, as well as many other sensors.

What You Need To Know About Auto Electrics In A Car


The main reasons for the breakdown of the car electricians

Delicacy is the most basic shortcoming of autoelectrics. There may be various problems caused by different reasons.

  1. Poor contacts are the most common cause of failure. They can arise because of poor-quality assembly or because of too much dirt accumulated during operation:
  • Dust, dirt, and moisture are the most dangerous enemies for electronics, so you need to take care of it and periodically clean contacts;
  • Negligence of collectors, too, should not be overlooked. Poorly soldered places can cause interruptions, which can subsequently burn out. In this situation, you will not get rid of the replacement of one contact, since you will have to change all the details in general. Therefore, before starting the operation of the car, it is advisable to carry out diagnostics in order to detect any defects in advance.
  1. The resulting damage can be caused by natural wear and tear. Any contact with time is rubbed off and needs periodic maintenance or full replacement.

What You Need To Know About AutoElectric In A Car

How to extend the life of auto electronics?

The ability to identify a malfunction in an autoelectric is half the battle; you still have to learn how to correct the breakdowns that have occurred. Most often in such systems, fuses break. This is the least difficult problem that can be solved by our own efforts. There are other points that you may encounter during operation:

  • When installing a duplicate, make sure that its value coincides with the previous device;
  • Be careful when charging the battery. It is important not to confuse the poles since such a situation can lead to quite unpleasant consequences. If you are trying to remove the battery for the first time, first review the video instruction or ask for help from someone you know;
  • Do not light a car generator in extreme frost, if you want to extend its life;
  • When replacing those or other parts, it is important that they coincide in size with their predecessors, and also be of good quality. Only in this way can you be sure of correct and uninterrupted operation of all systems;
  • Connecting different parts, take into account their power, otherwise, there may be a short circuit;
  • Installing fog lights with your own hands, do not forget about the relays and fuses that are responsible for the quality of the system;
  • During the engine start, the dashboard should be illuminated. So, the sensors signal that they are in working order;
  • Feeling the smell of burning in the cabin, stop the car. This symptom indicates a fire or a short circuit in the wiring harness. In this situation, all you can do is turn off the battery and then call the tow truck and wait until your car is towed to the car service.

Contact a specialist

In general, it is not necessary to neglect the help of specialists. Autoelectric is quite a complicated system that requires careful attention. With unqualified intervention, you risk being in a dangerous situation, so regularly undergo maintenance and check the serviceability of the car systems.

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