The secret life of Whales.

The secret life of Whales is very secret because we still really don’t know that much about them. Its not as if we haven’t featured them in films and stories throughout the ages from Jonah in the bible to Moby Dick the great white whale and even sending them through time and space in Star Trek four the Voyage home. That was one of the trickiest moves ever made as Kirk, Scotty, Bones, Ahura, Chekov, Sulu and Spock all have to move to hump back whales to earth to stop a big space whale from trashing the Earth. You can bet a Same Day Courier Birmingham company like would give it a good go. What do we know about these gentle giants of the sea?

One the strangest types is the toothed whale. Whales are mammals not fish, they need to come the surface so that they can breathe out of there blow holes. They are able to hold there breath underwater for a considerable amount of time but like us they will need to come up at some point. It is thought that toothed Whales were once land mammals that decided it would be nicer to spend time in the sea instead. Perhaps it was safer. The have developed a long beak at the front of the skull. Within its head they have teeth in row that are set for catching fish.

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Deep in the bowels of the ocean its tricky to see where anything is. The Whale is able to find its food by sending out sonar that pings back when a decent sized fish to eat comes into range. It’s quite a complicated biological process that the whale uses to find the fish. On top of the whale’s head is a bulge of tissue, waxes and oils that perform the role of an organic lens. This lens picks up on clicks and squeaks form a beam of sound directed out by the whale. This sweeps the ocean ahead of it. Anything that comes back is then channelled down the whale’s jaw and into its ear. Pilot and Sperm whales are so good at this they can pick up suitable prey form over a thousand metres away.

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The Orca is by far the most recognisable and well-known whale of this type. In terms of hunting they are superb, and they have well earned their reputation and nickname of Killer whale. They are extremely adaptable too at home in cold or warmer waters, they are not averse to hunting in estuaries too.

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