5 ways that technology can improve your restaurant

Restaurant technology can make you business more efficient in every aspect, from front of house to the kitchen, and it can also simplify a range of management tasks. Here is a look at the five most effective ways that that you can incorporate technology into your restaurant.

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Automation software

The latest automation software can streamline your staff, along with your food and drink orders. These systems will make it a lot easier for your waiting staff to take orders and communicate these orders to your chefs. The chefs can clearly see what they need to cook and ensure that all orders arrive hot and on time. Kitchen automation ensures that front and back of house staff can communicate clearly.

More customer turnover, greater profit

Restaurants that have capabilities for their customers to order via technology on average receive a 12 per cent increase on spending per table. Technology-infused tables allow guests to order, reorder more drinks, and pay with the touch of a button. Having tables wait less time for paper bills means that you can clear them faster and have more diners come in.

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Environmental technology and sustainability

Customers are turning to businesses that demonstrate a commitment to preserving the environment, cutting down on waste, and ethically sourced produce. Investing in stainless steel grease traps mean you can fully recycle the oils and fats, which can be sold back to your oil supplier. Grease traps come in a range of designs, like those at https://www.ukgreasetrapsdirect.co.uk/stainless-steel-grease-traps.

Happier employees

Management and scheduling software helps to efficiently staff your restaurant. The Aberdeen group found that there was a 24 per cent increase in staff engagement because shift schedules are more transparent. Knowing their shifts in advance allows your staff to enjoy a better work/life balance.

Stock inventory systems

Stock inventory systems help you to manage your stock levels through the service time so you don’t overspend on some ingredients or run out of others. Ordering stock is much easier, and you never have to disappoint a customer again because you have run out of their favourite dish.

Take a look at the latest technology designed for restaurants. You will be amazed at what it can do, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!


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