Prince Charles Bows To Camilla’s Knowledge Of Fine Wines

The Royal Family must have been treated to a few glasses of something special in their time, yet that doesn’t automatically make them connoisseurs. Prince Charles noted this on his recent visit to Europe with his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, acknowledging that she has a far better knowledge than him when it comes to wine.

Prince Charles Bows To Camilla’s Knowledge Of Fine Wines

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The Duchess of Cornwall understands terminology used by industry experts and tasters, but the Prince of Wales confessed that he is left struggling to keep up at times. The admission came on a visit to a vineyard during a stopover in Vienna. After the sampling, the royal couple was also given some select bottles to take home with them.

The couple is known for their interest in food and drink and especially its provenance, and they likely enjoyed the chance to meet local producers. The trip to Austria was rounded off with a tour of the famous Spanish Riding School in Vienna and a visit to the Jewish Museum, where they met survivors of the Holocaust. There they listened to stories about the early lives of some of the Jewish community prior to World War II.

Before heading home via Rome, Charles and Camilla called in to watch a Vienna Philharmonic orchestra rehearsal in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein.

Prince Charles Bows To Camilla’s Knowledge Of Fine Wines2

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Family Tradition

Of course, Camilla is no stranger to the industry given the fact that her father, Major Bruce Shand, was a wine merchant. It is possible that the Duchess inherited her love of red wine, or at least some of her knowledge, from him. Earlier this year, she was given an honour from the Worshipful Company of Vintners – the spiritual home of the trade – and the Duchess is now a liveryman.

Specialist Wines

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