How to Make Royal Blue Shades Work for You

Royal blue is a head-turning, eye-catching, attention-grabbing shade, that when worn correctly will be subtle enough to incorporate into your everyday attire. We’ve put together a short list to demonstrate that there are a number of ways to wear royal blue well, to suit your personal style and a variety of situations, ranging from casual gatherings to the height of boardroom sophistication.

How to Make Royal Blue Shades Work for You

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An Accent Colour

You don’t need to go all-out and dress head to toe in blue if you don’t want to, especially when you can add just enough of a blue hue with a closely considered accessory that will transform your outfit from simple to sartorially elegant in seconds. Something as small as a watch strap, fitness band or elegantly structured bag or portfolio can turn heads for all the right reasons, without making a wildly bold statement. Fashion Beans has curated this list of key accessories for men that prove that even the smallest details really matter.

Alleviate the Impact with Softer Hues

Break up your rich royal blue pieces with softer blues or neutral grey tones. Soften the effect of your impressive royal blue suit with a shirt in a lighter, but complimentary, shade of blue or light grey, and ensure your accessories are neutral and simple. This will allow your suit to be the start of the show, without distracting the eye and overpowering your ensemble’s overall aesthetic.

How to Make Royal Blue Shades Work for You2

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Simplicity is Key

There’s a reason why simple, beautifully cut garments never go out of style. They are effortless to style, comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at. Pair your mens Farah shirts, such as those found at, with simple tailored trousers, a comfortable pullover and a well-cut overcoat for a sophisticated and relaxed aesthetic. If something a little smarter is more appropriate, simply add a silk tie and tailored blazer for a professional look, perfect for a day in the office or important board meeting.

Keep it Casual

Wearing traditional tailoring in a casual, relaxed way and with confidence is the height of fashionable modernity, and always looks effortlessly stylish. Roll your shirt cuffs back over the sleeves of your blazer, unbutton your shirt slightly for an off-duty look, or ditch the shirt completely for the effortlessly casual vibes of a crew neck sweater or polo shirt.

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