The Glamor Of Marble In The Decoration

The marble is a type of stone that never goes out of fashion, just have moments that are most used. Widely used in finishing bathrooms and kitchens, this kind of material is pointing out as one of the main decoration trends for 2017. So if you are building your house or wanting to give a new face to the apartment, check out this post and get inspired! The Glamor Of Marble In The Decoration1

If you are looking for good points regarding the use of marble in the decoration, know that the main one is their durability. Although there is no specific timeframe for how long it lasts, it is known that the material is super tough – perhaps one of the toughest on the market. As for maintenance, it is almost non-existent. But for its appearance to be always beautiful and its durability increase, even more, it is recommended to be polished every three years.

The Glamor Of Marble In The Decoration2

The use of marble in the decoration is also super versatile and full of endless possibilities. From finishes to floors, to benches or sinks, to table tops, to pillars or walls, and the latest, even with stickers that mimic the texture of marble. And the preference of the natural stone for the tables is not for less since the material has high resistance, a wide range of colors and an incredible appearance, that valorizes any project. This type of material continues on high and may be the bet for your project. However, it is common to doubt when choosing color and model among the various types of marble, but the idea is to consider your design and only then decide which table is perfect for your proposal.

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A big question: marble or granite?

Many people end up confusing these two types of materials. Well, they are both stones, they are hardy and even resemble a little bit in appearance. But in more technical and specific terms one can note: the two materials are very different. First, the origin and composition of one and the other are different. The marble is composed of minerals and calcite. It often has several “veins” and other common hazards of that rock-top. In addition, it is usually imported from Europe and therefore may have a higher cost. Granite is formed by mica, quartz and other calcified substances. Its color is usually more uniform, besides being also more resistant. Usually found here, since Brazil is one of the largest exporters of granite in the world.

The Glamor Of Marble In The Decoration3

Putting into practice

This design despite using a 4 seater table, has a bit more space and so the bet was for a square dining table. The modern table has marble top and stainless steel feet, which combine with stainless steel seating and complete the modern look of the dining room.

The Glamor Of Marble In The Decoration4

Fleeing from the traditional colors, this proposal bet on the black marble table. In the design, the table extends like a bench shape and the chairs upholstered with wooden feet were used around the table. The light color of the chairs highlights the black marble, which is more prominent in the decoration, but without escaping from the color chart of the environment.

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If the idea is to gather family and friends around the table, the tip is to choose from large marble tables with several places, such as this oval model with eight seats. The model has white marble top and table-topped gray upholstered chairs, which maintains the neutrality of the decor. The marble countertop under the buffet surprised by the creativity and elegance.

The Glamor Of Marble In The Decoration5

For those who follow the bold style, you can bet on models of sink countertops that also function as a dining table. The rectangular-shaped benches have won chairs outside, matching the proposal of the decoration and getting in tune with the style of the environment. Notice how the marble overlaps in an unusual way while remaining elegant and sophisticated.

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