Embracing Agritourism for a More Sustainable Future

Encouraging people to leave behind the hustle and bustle of cities for some quiet time on the farm might be a pathway toward increasing sustainability. It gives nature-starved urbanites into direct and intimate contact with the land and the work required to produce food, clothing, and other goods. It has also emerged as a way to enrich and sustain rural communities as demographics shift and family farms fade away. Consider these four sustainable agritourism ideas.

1. Outdoor Recreation

Not all agritourism involves getting people involved in farm work. Just allowing them the chance to stay on a farm while enjoying nature and the outdoors can be a good way to share a love of the outdoors. Offer activities through partnerships with local guides and adventure companies to enrich the experiences of your guests.

2. Share the Ranch

If you operate a ranching operation, you could expand your operation to accommodate guests and visitors. Whether you choose to add a petting zoo with this spring’s babies, trail rides, or sheep shearing lessons, people will flock to enjoy time with your animals. Be sure to obtain the proper ranch insurance for your operation to protect against injuries or damages.

3. Get Lost

People are increasingly finding pleasure and entertainment at family farms that offer corn and other living mazes. These are planted and tended with amazing precision using GPS guided equipment, so be prepared for the initial expense. You will also need a substantial piece of land to make this a worthwhile endeavor. Consider adding corn kernel jump pits, pumpkin cannons, and other fun family-friendly attractions to increase attendance.

4. Teach a Skill

One of the neatest things about agritourism, other than connecting people to the land, is how well it lends itself to teaching others. Set up educational workshops to share what you do all year with others. Whether that is animal husbandry, seed starting, or harvesting. Who knows, you just might spark interest in the next generation of agritourism business leaders.

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