Top reasons to own an allotment

Traditionally, allotments were small plots of land given to members of the community for the purpose of growing fruit and vegetables. Today, they are available to rent from local councils or private landlords. Renting an allotment is becoming more and more popular and waiting lists in certain areas can be quite long.


Gardening and being outdoors is good for the soul, as well as the heart. Working in the garden and tending to plants and crops is hard work and requires strength, energy and coordination, which is why cultivating an allotment keeps you fit. This is a great alternative to the gym and an ideal calorie burner too, working different areas of the body.

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Growing your own fruit and vegetables will encourage you to eat healthier food. Once you have decided which crops to grow, you can start planning meals and looking for recipes which include them. Homegrown means it is fresher, free from pesticides, cheaper and tastier too.


By growing your own food, you are doing your bit to help the environment. In buying less packaged food, you will reduce your carbon footprint. Reducing our carbon footprint is becoming more and more important and whilst each of us has only a tiny effect, collectively, it’s significant.

For those looking to cultivate an area which may previously have been contaminated, a soil remediation service can offer everything from consultancy and soil analysis to the eradication of potentially hazardous chemicals; essential if you plan on cultivating. A soil remediation service will thus verify that the soil is free from pollutants, including asbestos and ensure its safe removal.

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Many people find it a sociable environment and form friendships with other allotment owners. This is also helpful when you are away, as you can ask your fellow gardeners to look after your plot.


If you have grandchildren, taking them with you to the allotment will be something they will look forward to and you will be creating happy memories that will last a lifetime. Slightly older children can be given their own small plot to grow their choice of crops.


Having an allotment can be a great project for people who are retired, suffering stress or out of work. It offers a sense of purpose, community spirit and encourages people to get outdoors.

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