Dry shampoo hacks

Leading busy and chaotic lives leaves us craving a lie-in for that extra 10 minutes, but this is not to be when your hair has got to be washed and styled for the day ahead. Why not try using dry shampoo. It really is a girl’s best friend.

Dry shampoo hacks

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Dry shampoo is an oil absorbing powder that absorbs excess dirt and grease from your hair without the use of water. Regular washing of hair strips away all the natural oils that keep your hair healthy and moisturised. By using dry shampoo you get clean healthy hair without the adverse effects of water and sulphates with wet shampoos.


Convenience is another benefit. Do you really have the time to waste washing your hair every day, especially if you go to the gym or exercise regularly? There’s no need for hair dryers either and excessive heat creates damaged irreparable ends. Dry shampoo removes the oils from your scalp and not your hair as grease is not present in clean healthy hair. Dry shampoo also adds volume to lank fine hair.

There are many theories floating around about washing or not washing your hair. Basically, we are not washing our hair, we are washing our scalp, and so if your scalp gets itchy or there is irritation, we are not washing often enough. We should wet shampoo, perhaps once a week and in-between use a dry shampoo, such as Klorane shampoo with mango butter http://www.lifeandlooks.com/klorane-with-mango-butter.html.


There is a range of dry shampoos on the market but it is important to purchase a good quality product that suits your hair type, whether for dry/fine hair or dull coloured hair. There are different products for volume, conditioning, precise application, quick-fix, styling and the list goes on.

The best time to use dry shampoo is at night before bed as it gives it time to soak in and absorb oils and sweat overnight, and by the following morning, leaving you with fresh looking hair. Dry shampoo is also great for hiding the roots in coloured hair and so make sure you purchase the right product for this purpose.

Dry shampoo could be a serious life changer and if you have never used it, go out and try it. It allows you to keep your hair looking clean and refreshed, and gives you an effortless boost of volume and texture.

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