Alternative survival tips you hadn’t thought of yet

There are lots of situations that could prove fatal; thankfully, there are also lots of survival tips that could save your life. Many people think of getting lost in the wilderness as a number one cause for concern, so read on for some alternative survival tips to help save your skin in the wilderness!

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Make an ice lens

When stuck in cold weather zones, the snow and ice all around you might seem to be one of your problems; however, it could save you. By smoothing off a piece of ice to make it shiny, you can use it to create a lens to catch the sun’s rays. The focal point will get hot – if you use it to focus on a single point that is dry, you could make it catch alight.

Make a watch compass

For telling where you are, it is important to have a compass. You can make one of these using your own analogue watch. Hold the watch horizontally, with the hour hand pointing towards the sun. At the middle position between the hour hand and the 12 is the north/south line, with south facing the sun. This works only in the northern hemisphere; in the southern hemisphere, you need to reverse the process.

Take advantage of opportunities

When wandering in the wilderness, try to take advantage of anything that comes your way. A woman lost in Arizona for nine days managed to kill and cook a mud turtle she spotted in a creek, giving her much-need protein.

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Ensure you have all your equipment, including a good bag such as the Vanquest 3.0. A messenger bag such as the Vanquest 3.0 will can be carried across your body, keeping your hands free. If you can’t find a messenger bag such as the Vanquest 3.0, you could carry a small rucksack.

Making a solar still

The most important thing to do when lost in the wilderness is to find water. You can dig a hole in the earth to create a solar still. Place a cup at the bottom of the hole and drape a piece of plastic wrap over it, securing the edges. Place a pebble in the centre. The sun heats the earth beneath the plastic, which releases moisture. This will evaporate onto the sheet and drip down into the cup.

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