Great Garage Man-Cave Ideas

Sadly, we men are frequently detained in the garage when we’d rather be doing the washing up or watching a romantic drama with our other half. We need to resign ourselves to this and install a few home comforts in our fortress of miserable solitude. Here are things even the most humble garage should have.

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Beer Chiller

Mini-fridges range from under £30 to over £130 for a glass-fronted chiller. This is a drain on the beer fund, but we can’t in all seriousness do without.

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

You wouldn’t dream of buying beer in a bottle, but odd people still turn up with them sometimes.

Old TV

Claiming you are still fixing it is an excellent way to watch the channel you want in peace. Plug in the old games console you’re still testing.

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A cheap and comfortable option is to remove the three spare seats from your car.

Very Large Bin

Come on, you aren’t a slob, but you don’t want to empty it every five minutes either.

Maps of the World

In case you ever go there. In the meantime, they’re a cool way of covering bare walls.

Dress Code

Out of season football jerseys make great cushions with the necks and bottoms stitched up. You don’t want to look helpless, so discreetly ask a gay friend for help.

Free Beer Sign

When times are hard, one of these just cheers you up. Warning – for internal use only.


You are now a man-cave convert, and it’s time to consider your next step. Show everyone who’s the man of the house by asking her for permission to do some garage improvements. The good news is that it adds value to your property – this is always a good tactic.

Consider replacing the garage door with a draught-proof one that wastes less space (some swing into the garage, but many better ones don’t). If you live in the vicinity of Flitwick garage door installation is available from Planning permission is rarely required, but a good resource is

Now Get Serious

Start with the bar, and then see how much space is left for pinball tables, your Star Wars action figures and Granddad’s taxidermy collection.

Breeze blocks, logs and pallets make man-cave-appropriate furniture and have the added advantage of discouraging female guests.

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