10 more great ways to use carpet tiles in your home

When it comes to the carpet square, there are limitless ways of decorating your home with them. They are not the dreary, brown square stuck to the floor from old. In fact, you can be as creative as you want to be with them. Opt for crazy zig zags, bold stripes or even a leopard print – there are no boundaries when it comes to modern-day tiles, and any room will benefit from them, from kitchens to playrooms, anything goes!


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Why Carpet Squares?

One of the key advantages to using a carpet tile over the traditional carpet is flexibility. They are so versatile, you will probably wonder why you have never thought of using them before! If you are planning on purchasing the tiles yourself but want a professional to do the laying for you, then consult a directory of fitters that are qualified and work to a British Code of Practice .

Ideas to Inspire

We have come up with 10 inspiring ideas for your home to include when you have leftovers!

1) Design into a rug – Create a rug runner for your hallway or a cosy rug for your playroom.

2) Make a dish! If you have any spare tiles left over you can create a modern carpet dish as an accessory for your home – there are tips on how to do this online.

3) Make them into a pet bed – Perfect for cats that love to scratch and keep warm. This saves on the cost of purchasing a new bed for them too.

4) Drinks coasters – Again, these can be incorporated into your colour scheme with leftover carpets.

5) Go bold in your living room! Dispatch the beige carpet and pick out funky blocks of colour. You can find lots of colourful tiles available online at http://www.ukflooringdirect.co.uk/carpet/product-type/Carpet-Tiles or other similar sites.

6) Craft them into different shapes which are easy to cut and fit. Perhaps design your own template for a pattern?

7) Go skinny – Tiles come in all different sizes and there are now some that resemble wood blocks. This will need some planning though!

8) Define a dressing area in your bedroom with a lovely soft underfoot tile.

9) Make a game for the children. How about hopscotch?

10) Be brave, be bold and be creative!

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