Spray Tan or Sunbed? My Wedding Experiment!

Right, with the big day looming large, I must decide whether to go with a spray tan of some kind or drag myself down to the local tanning studio for a few sunbed sessions which I absolutely dread! To help me decide, I have asked myself a few important questions:

My complexion is fair and I ultimately want a golden looking tan which is neither too light nor too dark, so, my mission is to achieve a medium based tan without affecting my health too much! Let’s take a look at my thought process to achieve the best fake tan possible!


  1. How long will a spray tan take to perform?
  2. How long will I stay brown and will the tan stain my beautiful dress?
  3. How much will it effectively cost me?



  1. How long will it take me to develop a tan using a sunbed?
  2. How many sessions would I need, and how long should each sunbed session be for (how many minutes at a time)?
  3. Again how long does the sunbed tan last and how much would it cost me?
  4. Is it much safer to go with a fake tan or use the sunbed as a one off experience?

I sat down and started to ponder. “Spray tans are much safer than sunbeds” I told myself,  but, from my past experiences, I think a Sunbed tan looks a lot more natural and the tan covers my body a lot more evenly.

Spray tans, depending on who I use, are really good though! And I would probably expect the tan to take no longer than 15 minutes and it should cost me no more than £15 – £30 at max. I think I may need to have a trial run beforehand, so do I want to go twice for a spray tan?

A spray tan will develop really quickly and the end result should be great, and should last me around 5-6 days before fading. Will I smell though? And will it have faded or be patchy for my holiday after the wedding?

Sunbed tans, where I could go, would normally cost me £2.70 for a 9 minute session (which is the most I can withstand in one go). I tend to tan pretty easy when I’m on holiday and have a friend who owns a salon, so, by our reckoning, I would probably need around 6-8,sessions to achieve the tan I desire!

The sunbed tan should last about 2 weeks before fading so would serve me well on my honeymoon but can I be bothered to go to the salon 3 times a week for at least a 2 week period?


There is not a lot to gain monetary wise by choosing either. Having to go for a trial tan is off putting, then again so is going to the sunbed salon for 2 weeks solid!  I really don’t like using sunbeds for obvious health reasons. They bring out my freckles and give me a big burnt red nose, not to mention the skin cancer factor!

I cannot get the images out of my head of my friend’s wedding last year, seeing how beautiful she looked and my overriding feeling is that it’s all about how I look on my big day! I’m not too worried about after the event, so it looks like I’ll be faking it then…….

What do you think?

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