Myopia, The Silent Epidemic – a Frauenfeld Clinic Expose

What follows should give you pause about your eyesight health and the long term risks associated with high prescription glasses and contact lenses.  Along with the Google research options cited in this article, explore additional in-depth articles about the myopia epidemic and prevention options at the Frauenfeld Clinic.

We care a lot about our health.  We also know a lot about the things that are good for our bodies, or bad for us.  We know that smoking is bad, that fast food is bad.  We know that we need exercise, and healthy food.

But what about our eyesight?

Myopia, the condition of shortsightendess, affects billions of people.  Odds are that you are myopic yourself (do you wear glasses?), and that more than half of your family and circle of friends are afflicted.


This is one of the most prevalent illnesses of our time.

And yet we just keep getting prescriptions for stronger glasses, every time we go to the optometrist for a checkup.

Does it seem odd, that the only cure known for myopia, is glasses, which in turn create even more myopia?  Why has science not found any answers as to where this disease comes from, and how we might cure it?

As it turns out, there is a lot more known about this mysterious illness, than we are lead to believe:

The British Journal Of Opthalmology Issued This Statement:

“Ophthalmologists should also recognise and take up the challenge of preventing or curing myopia by addressing its cause and not simply treating the consequences.”

But what are they talking about, addressing the cause?  Is the cause known?

It actually is known.  We know what causes myopia, and what makes myopia progressively worse.  Unfortunately, fixing this would destroy the profits of a multi-billion dollar a year industry.

From the American Optometric Foundation, the National Eye Institute, and the medical research departments of major universities, studies have been published for the past 40 years, showing exactly what causes myopia.

These findings, while just a quick Google search away, are not documented in mainstream media.  They are not part of the treatment options available at your local optic shop.

Let’s look at an example:

Do a search for “minus lenses axial elongation”.  The Google results start with ’scholarly articles’.  Here you will find peer reviewed studies in major medical journals, discussing the effects of the #1 current treatment for your eyesight deficiencies.

There are many hundreds of these studies for you to browse through.

You might also search “minus lenses myopia”, for similar results.  Once you start looking in the right places (by knowing what you are searching for), it is impossible to miss the answer:

We know exactly what causes myopia.

The problem is that a cure would wipe out much of the field of optometry, several billion dollar lens manufacturers, the entirely of the LASIK business, and lead to countless malpractice suits against current practitioners.

It is not in the vision care industry’s interest, to show you prevention, or a cure for your eyesight illness.

Likewise, media is supported by advertising.  Who will print articles, that will anger their paying customers?

To keep a secret, there is no need to actually proactively hide anything.  All the industry has to do is continue to make money, and give donations to universities, buy ads with the major media outlets, and provide ‘education’ for optometrists in the field.

The whole time, the truth is just a Google search away.  The term “minus lenses” just means the glasses you wear, to allow you to see clearly at a distance.  And of course “myopia” is just the term for being nearsighted.  “Axial elongation” is one of the most common causes of high myopia.

So if you combine these keywords, since you now know what to search for, you find out exactly what actually happened to your eyes.

For more on the topic of myopia prevention and myopia rehabilitation, visit the Frauenfeld Clinic Website at  If you have questions about your own myopia, contact Alex Frauenfeld directly, per the contact information list on the Frauenfeld Clinic site.

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