Some tips to prepare for the ski season and not die trying

Although the moment it seems that time does not accompany lovers of snow and skiing, the season is almost, almost here. Therefore, in this post we want to stop a fundamental aspect, which is that we must realize that we have over half a year without stepping on the snow. To avoid that when we run the risk’s ski injuries occur, it is best to prepare from now. To achieve this there are several tips to consider.

Not everything is to have the best team when we go skiing. It is true that it intervenes when to perform better. But mostly what we must stop is getting to be ready for this activity. Not only in kit, but a physical level is the most important. We are going to recommend some tricks that we cannot ignore and we must begin to carry out already.

some-tips-to-prepare-for-the-ski-season-and-not-die-tryingIntensive training legs

First of all we must have in mind that the legs are the center of activity, as it is the abdominal wall. Therefore these parts should be ready to start the season. When the legs it is necessary that we get strong muscles and toned to preserve the joints and avoid harm in sensitive areas such as ankles, knees or hips.

To strengthen the legs we can use exercises such as squats, leg press … Any exercise that helps strengthen the musculature is well received. Yes, it is important that we make the right way to influence the worked part and so make the most ofthe activity. It will help us avoid injure us or hurt us early and we cannot go skiing. You need to devote at least one full training session each week to the legs to go up.

The importance of strong abs

It’s the same with abs, because most of the stress that we will perform when skiing is concentrated in this part. It is therefore necessary that we work with exercises. But in this case we will focus on rotations or exercises in which incidentals more on the side, since skiing requires many lateral movements that concentrate the tension in this part. Alongside this work we recommend the lumbar part in order to strengthen the entire core.

Perform oppressiveness exercises to strengthen the abdomen is a good option to improve the state of this part. With abdominal work oppressiveness the innermost parts of our abdomen. Thus we get more power in this area. In addition to this to get a strong core will achieve greater control of body balance, necessary when the skis glide.

Aerobic training to withstand more

Not to forget that skiing is an aerobic exercise, so it is important that we are prepared for it. It is especially important that we work resistance in order to spend long hours of activity. To achieve this we recommend aerobic activities at moderate speed that can extend over time at least 30 or 35 minutes at least. Race or bicycle are highly recommended activities, like the elliptical as thus work arms, a part that will also be involved in skiing.

Do not forget arms

The arms are another part that we must train thoroughly before going skiing. It is especially recommended to work the biceps and triceps and that we strengthen the shoulder area to avoid injure us. It is true that the arms are more a subject, but also have an important role to move and therefore must be taken into account.

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