PhuketFit Review Of New Weight Loss Program in Thailand

PhuketFit, one of the leading fitness & wellness resorts in Phuket, Thailand are offering a revolutionary weight loss program that can be worked according to the goals and targets of each individual. Since, each and every individual has different goals and capabilities; this program begins with a 1-on-1 personal program evaluation which helps in framing a fitness program that is best suited for that particular individual.

PhuketFit has a highly experienced and well-trained team of wellness & fitness professionals who are dedicated towards making the fitness goals of their clients become a reality. Besides, they use all sorts of cleanses, Yoga, health food & fitness to make sure that the specific fitness & health goals of their patrons are achieved.


Facilities At PhuketFit Resort

• Friendly Staff at Front Desk– They have a friendly staff at front desk who greet guests with a smiling face. This is the place where guests can get necessary information regarding programs, tours and bookings.

• Healthy House– The Healthy House serves highly delicious and nutritious dishes which are perfect for providing body with high energy for training and getting great results. Besides, they even offer ‘super foods’ that involve ingredients like Mung beans & Chai seeds that are a great source of energy and can do wonders in burning fat.

• Fitness Gym– Their gym has all sorts of equipments along with a wide variety of cardiovascular machines such as elliptical machine, treadmills, exercise bike, etc. Besides, they have barbells, leg presses, dumbbells and cables too.

• Yoga Studio– Situated in a calm location, their yoga studio is a perfect place for performing a Yoga class. Besides, this studio is also used for workshops, meetings & talks.

• Fitness Area– This is the place where multiple classes are run every day. The whole area has been matted with 2-inch soft safety mat which ensures comfort and safety from injuries.

• Kickboxing Area– This is the place where guests can learn kickboxing. It is equipped with couple of rings and 8 bags where 5 to 10 individuals can practice Muay Thai kickboxing at a time.

• TRX Suspension Area– The TRX Rip Trainer & TRX Suspension Trainer are state of the art equipments that deliver maximum results. The TRX training area features 20 TRX suspension trainers which are all supported by reinforced girders.

•  Accommodation– The guests can choose from a range of different accommodations, which all come with different facilities and features. These accommodations are quite comfortable and feature added safety measures such as safe lockboxes, motion sensors & CCTV cameras.

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