How planning plays a part in land remediation

Brownfield sites represent a great opportunity for the local authorities to use a piece of land for a  new and hopefully better purpose. Rather than chip away at the greenbelt or develop an area entirely, there is a great chance to take a polluting site and turn it into something brilliant. Brownfield sites are mainly old industrial or military sites that are no longer used. They can also be abandoned office blocks. Planners must look at these sites with quiet excitement as they are usually quite a few acres in size. They generally already have water and energy mains attached, albeit redundant, and can even be in prime locations like the town or city centre.

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However, before the planners set about redesigning the space, they have to consider the legacy of the site’s previous use. It may well be that the site is polluted, especially the soil. It is not an issue in the long run as they only need to give someone like Contaminated Land Remediation specialist a call, and they can begin to fix the problems on the site.

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In some cases, planners have incorporated any existing structures into the plans and designs. Most of the demolition and removal of the existing buildings are required. This creates a further issue as many of the buildings are built from harmful materials, and they may have already had an effect on the soil of the site.



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